JM Bullion Review: Benefits, Pros, Cons, Features

In the investment world today, there are numerous options for growing your money passively. These include stocks & shares, bonds, fixed deposits, etc. A form of retirement savings investment growing in popularity these days is a precious metal IRA.

IRAs have been around for a long in the form of traditional or ROTH IRAs. Self Directed IRAs such as Gold IRAs, are a relatively new phenomenon and they suit a variety of investment needs. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with an in-depth of review of JM Bullion which is one of the leading companies providing precious metals IRA services. Read on!

Company Review

Established in 2011, JM Bullion has quickly become one of America’s most reputable online companies. Its home office is based in Dallas, Texas, and its storehouse is in Las Vegas. 

As JM Bullion only operates as an online shop, buyers can purchase gold and silver in various forms at competitive rates, with speedy delivery and outstanding customer service through their website. The company’s staff is available by telephone for those needing assistance or advice. 

JM Bullion does not offer the same range of services as some of its competitors. However, it is still a top-tier option for investing in precious metals, specifically through its assistance in setting up a metals IRA. 

Storing Gold at JM Bullion

When you open a Precious Metals IRA account with JM Bullion, you can purchase and store your metals in a secure and insured vault. JM Bullion will also provide you with a trusted, insured third-party storage facility for your metals. 

This will help ensure that your metals are secure and safe from theft and damage. You will also have the convenience of being able to transfer your metals from one vault to another, should you decide to do so.

With a Precious Metals IRA through JM Bullion, you will also have the potential for tax benefits. You can take advantage of tax-deferred savings plans, such as Roth IRAs, that allow you to save for retirement without paying taxes on the gains until you reach retirement age. 

Additionally, at JM Bullion, you will not be limited to just gold, as you can diversify your retirement portfolio with any combination of precious metals that JM Bullion offers. 

Is JM Bullion a Reliable Option?

JM Bullion is one of the top online gold companies renowned for its reliability and security. They have taken extra measures to ensure your personal and financial information is safe and secure. 

JM Bullion utilizes strong encryption certified by Norton and powered by DigiCert. This ensures that the private data from your credit and debit cards are processed through a highly secure payment gateway.  Your payment details will remain inaccessible to the JM Bullion staff. 

When it comes to shipping your precious metals, JM Bullion takes extra precautions to ensure that your items are safe and secure. All orders are shipped with free shipping insurance, and your items will arrive in simple packaging. 

You can also track your order online and will receive an email notification once it has been delivered. JM Bullion is a reliable gold company that puts your security and privacy first. 

Payment Methods and Return Policies 

As an online dealer, JM Bullion allows customers to make purchases using various payment options. PayPal credit cards, e-Checks for wire transfers, and the well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are all supported payment options. 

When using a payment method other than cash, customers should know that slightly different charges will be applied to each payment option. For example, when using a PayPal credit card, customers may see a slightly higher charge than a standard credit card. 

At JM Bullion, military members also get special discounts and regular discounts on large purchases. 

JM Bullion provides a 5-day return window, however, they don’t mention if there’s a restocking charge. The list of prices can be found on their website. The minimum purchase-back price is $1,000, and customers will be responsible for covering any market losses caused by the return.

Gold Coin: Fees and Costs 

JM Bullion proudly offers its customers a transparent approach to fees and costs. They are committed to giving customers fair prices, so there are no special commissions or fees charged on top of the market rate. This means that you’re not paying any additional fees when you buy precious metals from them. 

In addition to competitive prices, JM Bullion also offers convenient shipping options. They provide free shipping for orders over $199 and a flat rate of just $7.99 for orders under that amount. That way, you can send your purchase directly to your doorstep without worrying about extra shipping costs. 

To ensure that customers have access to current prices for gold and other precious metals, they list their gold and other precious metal prices clearly on multiple pages of their website, along with the current market price. This allows customers to make an informed purchase decision and ensure they get the best deal possible. 

Better Business Bureau BBB Customer Support 

JM Bullion is a premier provider of precious metals and customer service. Their team of knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, no matter the size or complexity. 

They guarantee the security of your purchase through their secure online platform, and all orders are processed quickly and securely. All orders are tracked and monitored, so you can always be sure of the status of your order. 

Investment Options

JM Bullion Gold is an excellent resource for investing in gold, silver, palladium, and copper. All of these are available on the JM Bullion website.

For those interested in gold coins, the company offers coins from around the world, such as the Gold Pandas from China, Coins from the United States (Gold Eagles and Buffalos), Gold Maple Leaves of Canada, Gold Philharmonics from Australia, gold coins from Britain, Africa, and various European countries. 

For those interested in silver coins, JM Bullion’s selection of international silver coins is one of the tops. These coins come in various grades and origin countries. Not only that but JM Bullion also offers theme-based coins from popular movies. 

Both the gold and silver coins range in quality and size and can be purchased in bulk for competitive prices. The company also offers a limited range of palladium, copper coins, and bars. 

Selling Metals to JM Bullion

JM Bullion offers a unique buy-back online service which enables customers to buy and sell their precious metals without the help of a consultant. The 24/7 automated system features a price guarantee, allowing customers to lock in their desired price when they check out. 

A quotation is provided following the bullion’s weight and information entry. The consumer accepts their offer and receives email instructions on how to package and send the items as soon as they complete the checkout process. 

The purchase is confirmed, and payment is delivered when JM Bullion’s inventory staff has examined the gold. Typically, the complete procedure takes a few days. The minimum purchase price set for availing of this process is $1K. 

Customers who want more information on costs for a product not listed on the website must speak with the company personnel or contact the company via email.

If you are looking to buy gold and silver or sell gold, then the perfect place to do so is at JM Bullion. JM Bullion is an online retailer that specializes in buying and selling precious metals. They have an extensive selection of gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals available for purchase.

Whether you are looking to invest in physical gold and silver or want to sell your existing precious metals, JM Bullion is the place to go. With their competitive prices and fast shipping, you can be sure that you are getting the best deals possible. So, whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, start buying and selling precious metals from JM Bullion today.

Pros and Cons of JM Bullion

JM Bullion is proud to hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is recognized as one of the nation’s premier sources for gold and silver investments. JM Bullion also holds a 3/5 rating from Consumer Affairs and a 4.5/5 rating from Trust Pilot.

Let’s take a look at some of their pros and cons!


  • JM Bullion gives consumers the most current pricing for the gold and silver they sell so they may choose their investments wisely. 
  • The transactions are free of commissions and service costs, so JM Bullion is a more sensible and cost-effective option. 
  • Veterans and active duty service members can also receive military discounts from the JM Bullion Gold IRA organization, which is quite beneficial for investing. 
  • They also offer a special DIY buy-back facility on their website that enables users to sell back their items at any time quickly. 
  • The favorable customer feedback attests to the company’s strong reputation with clients.
  • With regards to payment options, JM Bullion also accepts Bitcoins. 


  • Despite JM Bullion’s recent announcement of a collaboration that provides storage choices, the specifics still need to be clarified. It is unknown what this service will cost or if the collaboration offers storage for physical gold and gold kept in IRAs.
  • As JM Bullion is not identified as an authorized US Mint Dealer, it does not provide the same safeguards as an authorized dealer, such as authenticity certificates and money-back guarantees.
  • JM Bullion offers many metals, but many items are often out of stock. As a result, customers may have to wait longer for their items to arrive.
  • Customers may be unable to receive assistance with their orders or other questions if they require it over the weekend since JM Bullion does not provide customer care on weekends.
  • JM Bullion exclusively ships to places in the USA, which might be a hassle for consumers from other countries.

JM Bullion Review (Buy Gold Customer Reviews)

JM Bullion is a highly reputable gold dealer that has received raving reviews from customers across the globe. The reviews of emphasize the excellent customer service and the quality of the products. The shipment process is extremely fast and efficient, ensuring that customers receive their gold bars in a timely manner.

The gold bars themselves are highly valued and come with a buyback option. JM Bullion works hard to ensure that customers are happy with their purchases, offering great deals on a regular basis. Overall, JM Bullion is a top choice for purchasing gold bars and coins due to its reliability, great customer service, and quality products.

JM Bullion is a popular website for buying silver and gold online. The customer service reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many buyers stating that they received great service and quick delivery. The website also offers a wide variety of silver rounds and gold coins for purchase.

In terms of payment options, customers can pay by credit card or paper check. While there have been some complaints filed against the site, they seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Before placing an order, it’s recommended that buyers do their due diligence and carefully read the product descriptions and terms and conditions.

JM Bullion also charges a market loss fee if a customer cancels an order due to a drop in the market value of gold or silver. Overall, JM Bullion is a trustworthy option for those looking to buy gold or silver online.

Final Note

JM Bullion is a highly reputable company in the precious metals industry. Customers can trust that with JM Bullion, they will be provided with excellent service, competitive prices, and secure investments. 

JM Bullion is highly recommended to anybody wishing to purchase precious metals fast, conveniently, and competitively. However, due to the relatively small product stock, there are other options in the industry for collectors or persons seeking niche assets.

Despite conflicting ratings on well-known trust review platforms, the firm has received largely good reviews.

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