Review: Is it a Scam or Is It Safe?

Gold is one of the oldest forms of currency and money, dating back to ancient civilizations. It is precious metals that have stood the test of time as a store of value and medium of exchange. Gold has witnessed ups and downs in its price over the last few years, but gold bullion coins and bars are still seen as a safe investment option.

That said, gold coins also make for excellent gifts, especially for weddings and special occasions. The gold market sees constant trading by investors from all over the world, allowing you to buy gold at different prices depending on when you decide to sell it. All of this makes gold an ideal investment option that can help you grow your money. If you’re looking for a gold investment platform with a wide array of options, including gold storage services, then we’ve got just the right platform for you – Review.


Overview of is a trusted gold and silver bullion dealer with a reputation for providing customers with safe and secure gold and silver products at reasonable prices. It has been operating since 2009 and is based in California, USA.

The company offers gold and silver bars of different sizes and purity, as well as silver coins, through its online platform. It also provides gold storage options like gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars, gold nuggets, silver bullion, silver coins, etc. The company takes payment through various credit cards options such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc. bank transfer, money orders, PayPal, and others.

Gold silver dealers offer gold coins from different countries like Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins (A Series), American Eagle Gold Coins (B Series), Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin (C Series), Australian Koala Kangaroo Pawn (D Series), Austrian Oak Leafed Star Gold Coin (E Series), etc. Besides, gold bars are offered in various sizes depending on the denomination of the country, e.g., 1 gramAU (Australian Sovereign), 1 OunceJP (Japanese Yen), 10 OuncesAU(Australian Silver), etc.

Also, read about Silver Eagles – the most popular Silver coins in the world.

In terms of fees and charges, charges a shipping fee of $5 on gold bars & $3 on silver bars before shipping, while it charges an additional $6 per ounce on precious metals when buying by credit card or bank transfer to cover the costs of processing these transactions. However, if the customer chooses to buy precious metals using cash or money order, it charges just $1 extra per ounce for precious metals on purchase orders above $500.


What does offer? is a gold and silver bullion investment company that offers various gold and silver investment products like gold bars, silver bars, gold coins, silver coins, and more. also provides gold and silver metals precious metals investment services such as investment consultation, precious metals storage, precious metals transfer, precious metals procurement, precious metals trading, precious metals investment trust services, precious metals research, precious metals gold silver coin service, and precious metals refinery services.

The company has provided customer reviews of the gold-silver bullion investment company on its website. The reviews of the gold silver bullion investment company reveal that the products offered by the company are of high quality and have good returns as well. The customer service provided by is also highly praised by customers for its promptness and efficiency. The security measures taken by to protect customer data and funds are also lauded by customers for being reliable and secure.

A few down points of are shipping charges being higher than normal market rates as well as heavy reliance on cryptocurrencies for financial transactions, which might be an issue for some customers. Overall, it’s a valuable goldsilver bullion investment company with a wide range of investment products and efficient customer service to offer for its customers.


What are the fees and charges for using

– There are no fees for depositing Silver nor fees for withdrawing Silver.

– Once you’re verified on their platform, you could buy Silver with a minimum of $10 and get a flat rate of $2.50 to $6.00 per troy ounce, depending on the silver price at the time of purchase.

– These fees and charges vary depending on the type of silver product you choose and the shipping address chosen.

– Additional fees may be applicable when purchasing silver products from overseas locations or bulk purchases above certain limits.

– If you wish to avail of any shipping discount, you can contact customer service to request one.

– GoldSilver.os offers both major credit cards and wire transfers as payment options.

– The shipping fee varies depending on the weight of the Silver ordered and is dependent on gold Silver’s shipping costs as well as gold Silver’s weight.

– The shipping cost for jewelry is $4 per ounce, while it is $10 per ounce for bars or ingots of precious metals. Additionally, silver coins are shipped free of cost regardless of their precious metal content


Pros and cons of using is a gold and silver exchange trading platform that enables you to buy gold and Silver with a wide range of payment options, including debit/credit cards and bank transfers. The prices on the website are among the most reliable, and it offers secure payment options for customers.

However, has not received many customer service reviews on its website, which could be a turn-off for some users. Besides, it doesn’t offer many payment options, which may make it less appealing to some buyers.


Payment options are available on is a gold and silver e-commerce platform offering payment options such as bank wire transfer, personal check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. In addition to these conventional payment methods, the site also offers cryptocurrency payments through its partnership with Coinbase.

The payment methods on are extensive and can cater to various customer preferences. The site offers customers a secure and convenient buying experience through its wide range of payment options. As a customer of, you can be assured of getting the best price for gold and silver products.


How are their management and staff?

– customer service and satisfaction ratings

– In terms of customer service, Gold Silver has received high acclaim from customers for its prompt and efficient delivery of products and services. On average, customers rate customer service at 4.7 out of 5, citing their response time as fast. This is backed by an A+ rating on the Customer Satisfaction Survey on Trustpilot.

– security measures

– To ensure customer data is safe, the company encrypts all customer information to ensure security and privacy. It implements two-factor authentication on all its accounts as well to ensure customer safety and account access. Furthermore, it strictly enforces security policies and procedures to ensure data protection.

– Research the company’s management team & Credentials

In terms of expertise in the industry, GoldSilver has been involved in precious metals trading since 2001 with a well-established track record of providing gold Silver investment solutions to customers globally. Its management team consists of industry professionals with expertise in gold and Silver investment and financial markets, which bodes well for their ability to deliver high-quality services and products.


Their Gold IRA Custodian and Storage is a gold investment company that provides gold IRA custodian and storage services to individuals and institutions. What is’s relationship with their gold IRA custodian and storage?

– You can trust them to safely store your gold in a gold IRA account using the gold bullion standard of gold purity and the gold-silver ratio. GoldSilver.CSServices provides investment-grade gold bullion products for individuals and institutions, including gold coins, silver coins, gold bars, silver bars, precious metals ira accounts, silver ira accounts and precious metals storage boxes. also offers safe storage options such as vaults and safety deposit boxes at trusted financial institutions. They provide investments backed by gold and silver bullion, precious metals ira custodian services, precious metals ira safety deposit box service, precious metals ira vault service, precious metals ira silver vault service, and precious metals ira Silver safety deposit box service, among others.

You can trust them to safely store your gold in a gold IRA account using the gold bullion standard of gold purity and the gold-silver ratio. They provide investment-grade gold bullion products for individuals and institutions, including gold coins, silver coins, silver bars, precious metals ira accounts, silver ira accounts and precious metals storage boxes. Besides, they offer safe storage options such as vaults and safety deposit boxes at trusted financial institutions. You can also trust them to safely store your money using the gold bullion standard of purity & ratio of 10:1. They are an established name offering investment-grade products for individuals & institutions, including coins & bars of Silver & gold.


Goldsilver reviews of precious metal

Goldsilver is a great source for buying precious metals such as silver coins and bars and gold jewelry. Their reviews are generally positive, with customers reporting a good experience when placing an order. The customer service at Goldsilver is also highly rated, with most people having their orders filled quickly and accurately.

Additionally, they are a registered member of the Better Business Bureau, which offers assurance that they take customer satisfaction seriously. When it comes to precious metals, Goldsilver has been known to offer competitive prices and fast delivery, making them a great choice for those looking to purchase quality products in a quick manner. All in all, Goldsilver is an excellent option for purchasing Silver coins and bars or gold jewelry with the confidence that your order will be fulfilled properly and promptly.


Why Should You Put Your Gold In An IRA?

– An IRA allows you to invest in gold and precious metals. Gold and Silver are valuable assets that can grow over time, making them an excellent investment choice for IRAs.

– Gold and Silver have the potential to provide financial stability during times of economic uncertainty. They can also provide a reliable source of income when investments are experiencing volatility.

– When investing in gold and Silver through an IRA, you can diversify your portfolio and get better returns than with traditional investments. This is because gold and Silver are considered safe havens, capable of providing a steady income even during economic downturns and crises.

– Also, with an IRA, you can make contributions from any income source, including interest income from your bank account or other investment accounts. This opens up options for investors of all incomes.


Is Goldsilver safe investing in gold?

Goldsilver is one of the best, safest ways to invest in gold and Silver. It was founded by Mike Maloney, an expert in investing in precious metals. Brink’s, a trusted name in security, stores all Goldsilver products with the highest level of protection. Goldsilver also has high ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As of 2020, they are rated A+ on the BBB website.

The company also offers palladium coins for those looking for diversification. For those looking to invest further into 2023 and beyond, Goldsilver has gold and silver coins available that can be securely stored with their partners. With such a high BBB rating, you can rest assured that your investments are safe with Goldsilver. Gold Storage Options offers a range of gold storage options, including home delivery, bank deposit boxes, and third-party vaults. The company’s vaulting services are insured and audited annually by KPMG. offers both allocated and unallocated storage options for gold ownership. It also provides flexible storage transfer and withdrawal services for added convenience. Besides, the website also offers gold price quotes and gold tracking services for its customers. To know about gold prices, customers can register with the website and get gold price updates in real time. The website has also developed a series of advanced storage solutions, such as Secure Vault Storage, Secure Pouch Storage, Electronic Vault Storage, Electronic Pouch Storage, etc., to cater to the specific needs of its customers.


Can You Sell Your Gold to is an online gold dealer that offers customers a wide range of gold buying and selling services. It allows individuals to sell gold in either of its forms— gold bullion or bars—and buy gold with cash or credit cards. The company takes a commission from the sale of gold, which is different from other companies offering similar services.

The fees associated with selling gold on vary based on the type of gold and the service provided. Generally, when you sell gold in bullion form, you are charged a flat rate per gram regardless of the weight of the gold. When you sell gold in bars, you are charged a percentage of the gold’s value per gram. Furthermore, there are fees for shipping and handling charges as well as any applicable fees for opening an account with the company. takes customer privacy seriously and utilizes secure technology to safeguard customer data and transactions. In addition to this, it verifies customer identity and reviews all orders before processing them for quality assurance purposes. The company also ensures that its products are certified as 100% pure silver by a trusted authority such as the London Bullion Association or the Australian Ingot silver standard certification body.

As far as determining gold prices, uses several factors, such as bullion market trends and precious metals pricing from international bodies such as LBMA and AIS, respectively. Besides this, it also considers customer demand and availability of precious metals markets on a global scale to determine the correct prices for gold coins and bars. Lastly, it also checks prices against Silver prices to ensure accuracy in its calculations.

In conclusion, is a reliable and trustworthy platform for individuals looking to buy or sell.


Is a scam? is a gold and silver e-commerce platform that sells precious metals products in select markets across the country. It has a reliable reputation and boasts excellent customer service and a product range.

The company is known for its commitment to quality, which it delivers through stringent processes and methods. Its products are of high quality and backed by warranties.

You can easily evaluate the company’s offerings based on the product range, customer service, payment options, shipping policies, testimonials, reviews and guarantees offered. You can also check the company’s history and reputation for more information on its credibility and trustworthiness.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers rate their experience with is one of the leading precious metals dealers in the US and has gained a lot of trust from its customers. From customer reviews, it can be said that offers an overall positive customer experience.

Customers report that the company is reliable, trustworthy and provides excellent customer service. Many customers have praised their selection of products, competitive pricing, and fast shipping. On Trustpilot, has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 based on customer feedback which further validates their positive rating among customers.



While offers a gold investment option, it is imperative to know that gold is not a safe-haven asset and isn’t meant for beginners. It is best suited for investors looking to invest in gold bullion and silver coins as investment options. If you are new to investing, we recommend that you first educate yourself about a gold investment before choosing a gold investment company to work with. We hope this review has helped you understand the company better and has answered any queries or doubts you had about the company.

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