Bullion Vault Review: Is Your Gold Safe With Them?

Gold has been a valuable asset for centuries. From ancient times to the modern era, gold has always been considered a safe-haven asset. And while gold isn’t as liquid as other assets like stocks and bonds, it remains one of the most stable and secure investments in the market. Bullion Vault is one of the most popular bullion dealers that allow investors to buy physical gold bullion bars and coins. It is also one of the safest places to store your gold bullion bars or coins alongside many other investors’ bullion deposits. In this Bullion Vault review, we discuss how it works and whether it’s a good option for you to store your gold bullion bars or coins with them.


Overview of Bullion Vault

– What can you do with a Bullion Vault account?

– It’s a precious metals storage account that offers a wide range of precious metal storage products and services. These include vault storage, bullion storage, pre-owned precious metal buying, and gold IRA services. It also issues CFD (cash-for-direr) gold bullion products as well as silver bullion coins.

– If you use the vault service, there are no fees involved. All vaulting expenses are covered by the precious metal holdings of the customer. -Is it safe to use?

– Yes, Bullion vault has been around for many years now and is considered a reliable company. It is one of the largest vault operators in the world and has a proven financial track record of providing precious metal vaulting services to its customers.

– Its products and services provide security and safety for precious metals assets. This includes vaulted storage, safekeeping, and investment services.

– All these features make it the preferred choice among investors. Besides, its coverage of countries across the globe makes it an ideal partner for buying and storing precious metals from anywhere in the world.

Why go with Bullion Vault?


What is the difference between buying physical gold and gold stored in a bullion vault?

A bullion vault is a secure gold custodian where gold can be stored in a safe and secure manner. Different from buying physical gold, physical gold can be subject to theft or loss, which can lead to higher expenses. Storing physical gold involves more costs like security, storage, and so on. Thus, buying physical gold can prove to be very expensive in the end.

A bullion vault is an economical alternative as it doesn’t require any of these additional costs. However, buying physical gold entails certain risks such as monetary inflation and market fluctuations.

Gold stored in a bullion vault can generate interest income over time, which can help cover the cost of holding the gold. Besides, physical gold does not allow for any customization or alteration of the form of gold bars or coins as per customer’s choice.

Thus, buying physical gold cannot ensure superior investment returns as compared to that offered by gold stored in a bullion vault.

However, if you are looking for increased safety and efficiency then buying physical gold may not be the best option for you.


Pros and cons of storing gold with Bullion Vault

Pros: Low cost

Secure storage facilities

Easy access to gold


– Low-cost fee for storing and trading gold.

– A flat rate of $20 per year for holding bullion. This can be reduced to $15 per year if you hold a minimum of $10,000 in bullion.

– A $20 processing fee for each purchase or sale of bullion.

– No minimum threshold for holding bullion.

Cons: Limited payment options Bullion vault doesn’t support bank transfers or other payment methods, which may limit customer choice. Additionally, the company doesn’t offer physical delivery of gold, which can be an incentive for some customers to use another service. However, the low fees make the service particularly attractive for those looking to save money on gold storage.


Is it safe to store your gold with Bullion Vault?

Bullion vault is a gold storage company that has a reputation of providing safe and secure storage of gold bullion. The company’s gold storage system is designed with the highest security standards to keep precious metals safe and secure.

They offer insurance for gold bullion stored with them for one year of holding. However, this insurance can be extended to two years of holding at the cost of $1 per gram gold held in the vault. There are no fees and charges associated with storing gold through bullion vault.

The bullion vault customer support team is available 24/7 on their toll-free number (1800-425-932). They can also be reached via email or Chat on the website.

All the above factors make bullion vault a reliable choice for storing your precious metals.


Are there any hidden fees associated with Bullion Vault?

Yes, there are hidden fees associated with Bullion Vault. When you buy gold from them, the price you pay will include any applicable gold bullion fee and a gold vaulting fee of $10 per troy ounce. Additionally, the price of selling gold may include a commission of $5 per troy ounce, as well as the cost of shipping and handling fees.

When you sell gold to them, the price you receive will include all applicable fees as well as the price of gold plus a markup. The markup varies depending on the type of bullion used for purchase.

How secure is Bullion Vault’s vault? The gold stored in their vaults is secured with electronic identification (eID) tags and is protected by armed guards 24 hours a day. The vaults are regulated by world-renowned financial institutions recognized for their high security standards, such as Canada’s Genworth Financial and Australia’s Macquarie Group Ltd.

Does Bullion Vault provide any insurance for stored gold? Yes, they offer vault insurance that covers both vault contents and vault itself against accidental loss or damage. It also provides cover for theft, damage caused by natural disasters, and other similar events.

Does Bullion Vault have any additional fees or charges? Yes, if you want access to the vault you can pay an annual $49 membership fee plus $1 for each troy ounce of bullion stored in the vault at the time of opening. If you do not have access to the vault but wish to use it for storage for a period exceeding 90 days, you can also opt for a monthly service of $3 per troy ounce ($147 per year).


How does the pricing structure work for Bullion Vault?

BullionVault is a gold and silver bullion refiner with a tiered pricing structure based on the amount of gold or silver you buy. This means that the more gold or silver you buy, the cheaper the price per gram becomes. The commission fee for transactions is also relatively low, at just 0.75% of the gold or silver value purchased. This makes it an affordable option for investors looking to purchase precious metals in smaller quantities.

The storage fees are also reasonable, ranging from $10 to $20 per year depending on the vault size selected. This ensures that investors can store their bullion coins or bars securely without breaking the bank. The discounts offered can also help save money on larger purchases, with special offers such as 10% off for new customers and 10% off for all silver purchases making it easy for everyone to get gold bullion at an affordable price.

Overall, Bullion Vault is a reliable gold and silver refiner that provides customers with effective gold investments at reasonable prices.


What is the minimum purchase requirement for using Bullion Vault?

To use the gold buying and selling service of Bullion Vault, you must first open an account with the company. Once you’ve done this, you can purchase gold via any of Bullion Vault’s three gold buying options: bank wire, credit card, and bitcoin.

The minimum purchase requirement for each option is $10,000 worth of gold. To use bullion vault’s other services besides buying gold, such as gold storage and vaulting, you must have an account with the company. You can open an account with bullion vault by visiting the website or calling Customer Support. The minimum account balance required to use various bullion vault services is $20,000.

With bullion vault, you can feel confident that your precious metals are safe and secure. You can rest assured that your gold will be stored with the highest level of security and be protected from any possible harm What’s more, you can access your gold at any time via the bullion vault app or website.


Is BullionVault a Scam?

– What is BullionVault?

– It is an online gold bullion vault that allows you to securely store gold bullion online. It provides secure gold storage and vault services for gold investors globally. It was founded in 2014 by two gold investors who recognized the need for a reliable, safe, and customer-focused gold vault service. Its slogan is ‘Storing precious metal gold safely online’ and it has offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S.

– How does it work?

– To use BullionVault, you must first purchase physical gold from one of its approved bullion dealers or from the bullion market by bank transfer or electronic currency transfer (e-gold). Once you have purchased the gold, it can be stored and tracked through the bullion vault account on the website. The bullion vault account allows you to view your holdings and precious metal price history as well as access current market rates. You can use the account to track physical gold bullion online or make withdrawals in physical form as per your requirements.

– How secure are your gold investments with BullionVault?

The gold bars stored at Bullion Vault are fully insured against theft up to $50k per coin with limits of $50k each per occurrence and $100k total per incident. All transactions are fully secured using 256-bit encryption technology and digital signature authentication. As a customer of BullionVault, you can rest assured that your precious metal investments are safe and secure.

– What are the fees associated with using BullionVault?

There are no fees charged by BullionVault


Customer reviews of Bullion Vault

According to customer reviews on the website, the gold investment platform of Bullion Vault has a proven track record of providing exceptional gold service. The company’s gold bars and coins are minted by reputable gold producers, ensuring purity and quality. All transactions are secured with advanced technology, including the use of blockchain. This ensures that customers can have complete digital control over their investments.

The gold investment platform also takes customer safety seriously, providing physical vault storage for each customer. This vault consists of a secure vault located at the bullion vault’s physical vault in London headquarters and a vault in an approved bank in Switzerland for added security. Deposits made through can be transferred between the vaults as required by the customer.

Customer support offered by the gold investment platform is another strength of the company. Besides having 24/7 live chat support, customers can email or call customer service representatives for assistance with any matter relating to their gold investments. In addition to this, the gold investment platform offers its customers a wide range of payment options, such as bank transfers and credit cards. The gold investment platform also charges reasonable fees for its services compared to other similar platforms in the market. Overall, customer satisfaction with Bullion Vault’s gold service is high among customers.


Is Bullion Vault the right choice for you?

Bullion Vault is a precious metals storage service that offers safe, secure storage of precious metals bullion, gold bars, silver bullion, and platinum bars. The company was founded in 2012 and offers online marketplaces for buying physical precious metals with low fees.

The company’s mission is to provide investors with the most secure and convenient way to own precious metals. At the moment, its customers can store precious metals in vault-like vaults around the world. These vaults provide physical security through key access and physical security measures such as surveillance cameras and intrusion detection systems.

The advantages of using Bullion Vault include the convenience of having gold stored with professional security providers at low fees. It also offers 24/7 customer support and monitoring services to ensure customer satisfaction. However, there are some disadvantages of using Bullion vault. The main one being the high price of gold compared to other storage options like bank accounts or platinum bullion. Also, Bullion vault provides customers with minimal insurance coverage for precious metal bullion stored in vaults operated by the company. This can be a significant disadvantage for customers who are seeking more comprehensive protection for their precious metal assets.


Why Invest in a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA is a unique investment vehicle that can help investors diversify their retirement portfolio and gain access to the benefits of gold. A gold IRA offers several advantages, including the ability to protect against inflation and economic downturns, access to gold as an effective hedge against market volatility, and the possibility of tax-free gold income. Investing in a gold IRA can also help investors achieve their financial goals over the long term by providing peace of mind and flexibility. The bullion vault review should be able to answer any questions prospective gold IRA investors may have regarding the benefits and drawbacks of this investment vehicle.


Gold IRA vs Roth IRA

Gold IRA investments are not taxed when held, while Roth IRA contributions are taxed. So, by holding gold in an IRA account, you can save more money and enjoy the tax benefits of investing in gold.

The investment limits for Gold IRAs are $1,000 initial investment and $5,000 total investment per year. However, there is no such limit for Roths. Both types of IRAs have eligibility requirements that must be met in order to invest. Withdrawal rules also differ slightly between the two types of IRAs. Roths allow for greater flexibility when it comes to withdrawing funds, whereas Golds typically have a fixed number of years to use the funds before they become taxable income.


401k Rollover vs Transfer

In the world of gold bullion, there are two major routes of investment — a 401k rollover and a transfer. These terms are used interchangeably to refer to the use of gold bullion ounces in a traditional retirement account such as a 401k, IRA, or pension account.

A 401k rollover is when an individual transfers funds from their existing bank account or existing gold IRA into Bullion Vault’s physical vault. This is the same process of buying gold bullion with bank wire transfers or debit/credit cards.

A transfer is when you purchase gold bullion from us directly through our website and keep those assets in your online vault. Both processes have unique characteristics and benefits, with differences depending on the route taken.

– What are the differences between a 401k rollover and a transfer?- How does Bullion Vault protect your assets?- What fees are associated with transferring assets to Bullion Vault?- What types of bullion products does Bullion Vault offer?- Are there any other advantages to using Bullion Vault for asset storage?The main difference is that with a rollover, the physical gold Eagles are held by us on behalf of the customer until the order has been fully executed and the customer has physical possession of their gold bars. With a transfer, we hold onto the physical gold Eagles on our behalf until it has been fully executed and we can deliver it directly to the customer’s bank account or physical location.

This also shows how much care we take in protecting your gold investments with us. Apart from holding bullion under secure vaults, we also use advanced mining technologies like GMV (gold mining validation) to ensure that only 100% pure gold has been.


How to convert 401k into Gold IRA without penalties?

If you own a 401k, you can consider converting it into a gold IRA. This can help you avoid penalties and taxes in the process. Here are some things you can do to ensure the best bullion vault is your go-to gold provider:

– Undertake due diligence when selecting a gold vault. Look for gold vaults with positive customer reviews and ask for references from past clients. Also, review the gold vault’s financials and read reviews of the bullion dealer.

– Understand the rules surrounding Gold IRAs and the 401k rollover process. Read through the IRS’s guidelines on Gold IRAs before making the decision. Look out for annual fees and understand any other fees involved in the conversion of your 401k into a gold IRA.

– Choose a gold IRA custodian who will purchase and store your gold for you. Before investing in a bullion vault, consider using a trusted fiduciary to manage your precious metals assets instead of holding them yourself. This way, you can receive accurate and unbiased advice on gold investments. Make sure to research the best bullion dealers to ensure you get top-quality gold at the best prices.

Once you’ve made up your mind on gold investments, it’s vital to follow through with due diligence and research to ensure that you make an informed decision. Visit bullionvault.com to buy silver and platinum.


Trustpilot BullionVault reviews

Trustpilot BullionVault reviews provide a great insight into the gold market. Customers are able to buy and sell gold, silver, and other precious metals with ease of use. Many gold buyers have found that they are able to easily purchase as much or as little as they need. For example, you can buy 0.12 grams of silver or even ounces of gold if desired.

The fees associated with buying and selling are reasonable, and you can also choose to convert between US dollars and Euros for more convenience. Additionally, all transactions are subject to an audit for extra security. Having a BullionVault account is an efficient way to invest in the gold market without having to worry about safety concerns or costly fees. BullionVault offers physical gold and silver in the professional gold bullion market.

Trustpilot BullionVault reviews provide customers with an insight into what to expect when using their services. Customers can find out about the storage and insurance of vaulted gold in Zurich as well as the convenience of the BullionVault website and order board. The London Bullion Market Association is also highly rated for its reliability and trustworthiness.

Customers who have used BullionVault services are impressed by how easy it is to use, and how secure their vaulted gold is kept. Overall, Trustpilot BullionVault reviews demonstrate that customers are able to purchase gold with confidence, knowing that their assets are safe and secure with this service.



While the physical gold bullion can be stored at the vault of your choice, the gold bullion vault can help you save a lot of money in storage fees. It can also make it easier to redeem your gold whenever you want. However, as with any investment, there is a certain amount of risk associated with gold bullion vaults and investing in physical gold. You should always do thorough research and take professional advice before making an investment decision. If you are looking to invest in a gold-backed retirement account, BullionVault can help you compare the best options available.

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