Blanchard Gold Review: Do Not Invest With Them. Here’s Why

Investing in gold is a good way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against financial uncertainty. However, like with any investment, not all gold investments are worth it. In this review, we examine Blanchard Gold and reveal if it is a trustworthy company or an investment scam. After reading this review, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about whether or not to do business with Blanchard Gold. Let’s get into it!


Reasons to not invest with Blanchard Gold

– Blanchard Gold has a history of customer complaints.

– The company has been accused of unethical practices and misleading investors.

– Its fees are high, and may not be worth the risks involved.

Blanchard Gold Investment is a financial services firm that promises to provide its clients with safe, secure, and profitable investment opportunities. However, it has a history of customer complaints and has been accused of unethical practices and misleading investors. This implies that it charges high fees for its services without providing adequate returns or service to its clients.

– Blanchard gold investment is a scam which can cost you your hard earned money. So do not fall prey to their deceptive schemes and stay away from them

So, if you’re looking to invest in gold or precious metals, consider other options that offer better value for money and customer satisfaction.


Overview of Blanchard Gold

Blanchard Gold is a financial services company that offers investment products and services to its customers in Singapore. The company offers investment accounts for various investment products such as unit trusts, GICs, and bonds.

The company also provides market research and financial planning services to its customers. It has been operating in Singapore for over 30 years now and has more than one million customer-facing transactions every year.

Blanchard Gold makes commission income from the product sales of its customers. Its fees are based on the types of investment products it offers and the service level provided by Blanchard Gold. Its fees are also based on asset size, number of transactions per year, or other factors as deemed appropriate by the company. In general, fees range between 0.1% and 0.3% of assets under management every year or part thereof.

Are there customer complaints or warnings about Blanchard Gold? Yes, there are customer complaints or warnings against Blanchard gold online on forums or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or customer reviews on websites like TrustPilot or YELP if you do your research well before investing with them.

What are other investing options I should consider? Besides Blanchard gold, it’s better to choose an investment account with a financial institution you trust and be prudent with your investments to ensure your finances remain secure and grow over time.


What services does Blanchard Gold provide?

Blanchard Gold is a gold investment company that provides their clients with a variety of gold and silver investment options. They offer access to physical gold and silver, as well as gold and silver futures. When it comes to account minimums, storage fees, or commissions, Blanchard Gold doesn’t nickel-and-dime their clients. They also provide educational resources and customer service support to their clients. Overall, Blanchard Gold offers reasonable gold and silver investment services that help their clients achieve their financial goals.


What do reviews and ratings say about Blanchard Gold?

Customer reviews and ratings on financial websites can give you an idea of how others perceive Blanchard Gold’s investment services. You can also analyze their past performance to determine whether or not they are a reliable investment option. This will help you understand the fees associated with investing with them and make an informed decision. Additionally, you should consider any hidden costs or unexpected charges that may be associated with your investment with Blanchard Gold. Overall, customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insight into Blanchard Gold’s investment services.


Are there better options for investing?

If you’re looking to invest, you should consider avoiding Blanchard Gold. Not only is it a bad investment, but it carries high risk of losing money for its investors.

That is because the company has been issuing securities illegally and has been involved in various scams. Besides, the gold bullion it issues cannot be trusted as well. It makes money on gold price swings, not on its gold bullion holdings or bullion coins. The company’s auditors have also called out its financial statements several times.

If you are looking for an investment partner, you must do research and check their credentials thoroughly before investing with them. This will help minimise your risks and make good investments.


Common mistakes people make when investing with Blanchard Gold

– Not understanding precious metals investing

– Focusing on short-term gains rather than the long-term value of precious metals.

– Investing in gold or silver bullion or coins without first learning about precious metals as an investment and its associated risks.

– Not diversifying investments across multiple asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

– Not doing proper research before investing with Blanchard Gold.

These are some of the common mistakes that investors make when investing with Blanchard Gold. These mistakes can lead to substantial losses and can be avoided by following a few basic tips. It is vital to understand precious metals investing and focus on the long-term value of precious metals rather than focusing on short-term gains. It is also vital to invest in gold or silver bullion or coins only after understanding precious metals as an investment and its associated risks. Also, do proper research before investing with Blanchard Gold so that you don’t end up losing money due to any careless decisions or errors made by the company.


Tips for avoiding investment scams

Investment scams are a growing problem in the financial market. In fact, they have become so sophisticated that it is becoming difficult for the general public to identify them. Hence, it becomes essential for people to be more cautious when investing their money.

It is always better to invest money in a regulated investment scheme or a bank account than on investment platforms like P2P or crowdfunding. Also, before investing anything, you must research the credentials and background of the entity. This will help you understand the investment process better and make an informed decision.

Be wary of promises of high returns with little or no risk. High-profile endorsements or testimonials may be a sign of a scam. Also, ensure that the investment offers are legitimate and comply with all federal and state regulations. Lastly, don’t trust unsolicited deals or offers on social media as these can be fraudulent or misleading practices intended to lure investors into scams.


Benefits of Putting Your Gold In an IRA

Gold is an excellent investment vehicle for the vast majority of investors, but it’s important to consider whether gold investment through a conventional IRA or precious metals IRA is the best choice.

Tax advantages are one of the chief perks of gold investment through an IRA. If you choose gold as your precious metal investment option, then you can diversify your portfolio with a wide range of precious metals. Additionally, gold held in an IRA offers more security than other investments, as it has proven to be a reliable store of value over the years.

However, investing in gold through an IRA also comes with certain risks and drawbacks. If you buy gold bullion or coins, you could incur additional charges or fees. Gold bullion is also generally expensive than silver or platinum coins. As such, it may not be a suitable investment option for everyone.


Pros and cons of investing with Blanchard Gold

Blanchard Gold, the investment company, has not been able to prove to investors that it is a reliable company providing services at reasonable rates. That’s why investors should be very careful before investing with this company. It has poor customer service and inaccurate quotes that could lead to a financial loss. Besides, it charges high fees and commissions for its services, which are not justified.

Other than these, there is no transparency and accountability in the business of Blanchard Gold. So, investors must avoid this investment company at any cost.

The Blanchard Company is a reputable precious metals investment company that can provide you with a variety of options to invest in gold. The pros of investing with Blanchard include the ability to get a free gold gift, access to collectible coins, and the security of investing with a well-known, highly-regarded company.

The cons may include the potential for high fees from the company, and there may be restrictions on how much gold you can purchase at one time. However, if you are looking for a reliable way to invest in gold, then Blanchard is an excellent choice. They offer competitive rates and have been around since 1975, so they have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy. All in all, Blanchard Gold offers many advantages when it comes to investing in precious metals.


Blanchard and company gold reviews

Blanchard and Company is one of the leading precious metal dealers in the United States. They offer a variety of gold coins, gold IRAs, and other products to help customers invest in precious metals. According to their BBB rating, they have earned an A+ rating from customers who have had positive experiences dealing with them.

However, there are some negative reviews as well from customers who feel that Blanchard has not been helpful or responsive when it comes to answering questions or resolving disputes. Overall, most customers have had a positive experience with Blanchard and Company, but it’s important for potential buyers to research all of the reviews before making any decisions about investing in precious metals through this company.

Blanchard and Company Gold Reviews are overwhelmingly positive reviews. They are known for their expertise in numismatic coins, private ownership of gold, and self-directed IRAs. Blanchard also offers a guaranteed buy-back of gold at the current market price and is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

Customers praise the company’s knowledgeable advisors and helpful customer service, as well as its competitive pricing. With Blanchard, you can rest assured that your investments are backed by one of the most reliable companies in the industry. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or invest in physical gold, Blanchard & Company is sure to have a numismatic solution that meets your needs.


Common complaints about Blanchard Gold

– Poor customer service: Many customers report difficulties in getting prompt responses from Blanchard Gold staff.

– High fees: Blanchard Gold has some of the highest fees in the industry, making it difficult to turn a profit.

– Limited selection: The selection of coins offered by Blanchard Gold is not as extensive as other gold dealers.

– Questionable business practices: There have been reports of questionable and deceptive marketing practices employed by Blanchard Gold, such as offering free gold or silver metal bullion coins in order to convince customers to purchase metal coins. However, these metal coins are not backed by precious metals and may be worth much less than they appear. This makes it difficult for customers to recover their investment if the metal coin loses value or is stolen.

The Blanchard Gold Company, founded by Jim Blanchard in 1975, is a well-known and trusted gold dealer that specializes in gold IRA investments as well as coins and bars. Common complaints about the company include their focus on rare coins and gold American Eagle coins instead of other gold bars.

Additionally, some customers have noted that the customer service line can be difficult to get through to and that shipping times can be slow at times. Despite these criticisms, many investors rely on the company for their gold investments due to its long history with Jim Blanchard himself. The company also offers competitive prices for both coins and bars when compared to similar companies in the industry. All in all, Blanchard Gold Company is still one of the best sources for gold IRA investing and rare coin purchases of self-directed ira.



We hope that the above-mentioned information has helped you understand the ins and outs of gold investment. If you’re still not sure or want more information, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any queries or doubts you might have. Want to invest in gold? Here are some companies that buy gold online.

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