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Port Townsend, and time to start south

We have been leisurely cruising the San Juan Islands, and enjoying sunny weather. Aside from visiting some of our favorite spots from the past – including Spencer Spit and Sucia Island – we explored some new spots. Skull Island in Massacre Bay was a small but very cool island to walk around, and even try a [...]

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Friday Harbor and summer

After leaving Port McNeill we headed south down Johnstone Strait, with some moderately heavy wind and sailing downwind on a couple occasions! We stayed at Port Harvey, Blind Channel Resort, and April Point Marina. Blind Channel was a spot we had stopped at on the way north, which had barely started for the season. What [...]

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The perfect peach

Southern cooking is in! For some reason, it’s sprung up all over in cooking magazines and now I see it everywhere. My Southern mother-in-law taught me that a fresh peach pie was far superior to one with baked peaches, and with the arrival of peak-season peaches, I’d have to agree. Late July and early August [...]

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Port McNeill and sunshine

It’s been a little while since our last post – not very many places with internet, and those have shared bandwidth amongst a lot of boaters, and are on satellite, so this would have taken quite some time, and been very frustrating. We’ll try to fill in quickly here: We had a great time north [...]

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Petersburg, Alaska

We continue to see the most incredible scenery as we have made our way to Wrangell and to Petersburg. There are several narrow channels / passages and also open straits during this trip. Near Wrangell the water has runoff from the Stikine River which gave it a fascinating jade green color, contrasting with the mountains [...]

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