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Port McNeill and sunshine

It’s been a little while since our last post – not very many places with internet, and those have shared bandwidth amongst a lot of boaters, and are on satellite, so this would have taken quite some time, and been very frustrating. We’ll try to fill in quickly here: We had a great time north [...]

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Petersburg, Alaska

We continue to see the most incredible scenery as we have made our way to Wrangell and to Petersburg. There are several narrow channels / passages and also open straits during this trip. Near Wrangell the water has runoff from the Stikine River which gave it a fascinating jade green color, contrasting with the mountains [...]

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Ketchikan, Alaska

We have made it to the first town in Alaska! Between Prince Rupert and here we spent several nights anchored on each side of the border. The distance is enough that we could call in to the U.S. Customs, and they would allow one night’s anchorage at a place called Foggy Bay on the U.S. [...]

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Prince Rupert, B.C.

We are in Prince Rupert (at the Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club – with a very helpful staff) for a couple days, very close to the border at this point. We have seen some spectacular sights over the last week, and met some great people as we have been at anchor and in port. [...]

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Bella Bella / Shearwater

Next supplies – Prince Rupert, near the Canada/Alaska Border. After Port Hardy we had a great day, with some fantastic sailing, and then spent time in Fury Cove. We had a chance to row the dinghy around there, finding a secluded beach, and another with white shell bits, and a little islet with flowers in [...]

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Port Hardy

Since our last entry we spent a couple days at anchor in Von Donop Inlet / Ha’ Thayim – with one day exploring, and the other – well, lot’s of rain. We travelled through the rapids (Yuculta, Gilliard, and Dent), timing it pretty well. We were a little early so there were some strong eddies, [...]

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