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Inland navigation rules changing

A hat tip to Bitter End blogger Captain Richard Rodriguez for bringing this story to our attention. Effective August 1, 2014, the Coast Guard will be changing the Inland Navigation Rules, the “Rules of the Road” governing the conduct of vessels in order to prevent them from colliding with one another. As generations of US [...]

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A GLONASS system satellite

GLONASS satellite navigation network disrupted this week

Russia’s GPS-alternative satellite positioning system, GLONASS, was hit by a major disruption earlier this week according to PC Magazine (thanks to Captain Richard Rodriguez at Bitter End for the link). Beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, most of the 24 satellites in the GLONASS constellation began broadcasting erroneous data about their own positions, leading [...]

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Sea lions laying on a VTS separation buoy

Synthetic AIS coming to Puget Sound

Is this the beginning of the drone wars? Is the Singularity, a theoretical mass awakening of machine intelligence arising in our networked computers to revolt against us, now upon us? Probably not, but artificial AIS (Automatic Identification System) beacons are coming to Puget Sound soon, in a big way. The most recent Coast Guard District [...]

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An 1854 chart of the San Juan Islands

NOAA PDF Charts to remain free and available

NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) announced Friday that it plans to continue to make available the freely downloadable electronic PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of its nautical charts, the successful culmination of a three-month trial period begun in November, 2013. A list of available charts, with links to the PDF versions, can be [...]

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