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Captain Mike Oswalt at the helm of Freya

An emergency overheard on the VHF strikes a chord, and serves as a reminder to all boaters

We had left Nanaimo aboard Freya early that August morning. The forecast was for light wind from the south, providing a following sea for Freya steaming northwest for Baynes Sound. It was there I hoped to find a night’s anchorage at Henry Bay and take a swim in the warm quiet water off its white sand beach. Exiting Departure Bay […]

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Crewmembers aboard a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium, from Coast Guard Station Charleston, S.C., approach an overturned boat, July 13, 2015, approximately 12 miles off the Charleston coast. The boat was found during a search for four overdue boaters who were later rescued by Station Charleston crews. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

2014 boating accident statistics, and how you can reduce your risk of being in one

Here are my thoughts on how not to be a boating accident statistic, this is based on the U.S. Coast Guard’s study of 4,064 accidents in and compiled their 2014 Recreational Boating Statistics. The steps to reduce your chances of having a boating accident are simple, have a sober driver, take a Boating Safety Class, pay […]

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21 knots and … well …

Sailing a new boat is always stressful. Sailing a new boat in 20+ knots is… well… stressful. And we’ve managed to do it twice so far. Up to now, our sojourn into boat ownership was seemingly fated to resemble that of a skinny powerboat with a big stick sticking out of its middle — there […]

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