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Inland navigation rules changing

A hat tip to Bitter End blogger Captain Richard Rodriguez for bringing this story to our attention. Effective August 1, 2014, the Coast Guard will be changing the Inland Navigation Rules, the “Rules of the Road” governing the conduct of vessels in order to prevent them from colliding with one another. As generations of US [...]

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This course could save your life

You’ve been sailing for years and planning this next trip for months. You’ve created the perfect sail plan and stocked the galley. The weather is shaping up perfectly and the boat has been checked and rechecked. She’s ready. You’re ready. You cast off the lines — outbound for wherever — confident that you’ve thought of everything. But [...]

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Win a free US Yacht ensign!

In case you missed it in our recent post on nautical flag etiquette, we’re running another contest here at Three Sheets Northwest … this time, giving away a flag for the Fourth of July! Pretty, isn’t it? That’s a brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-box official United States Yacht ensign, just sent straight to us by the fine folks [...]

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