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Walk the plank

Going out to the end of my 5-foot bowsprit when it’s rough out feels like walking the plank. Over the years I’ve been working with Carol Hasse on the  perfect head sail. I’ve never been a fan of roller furling but because of Sookie’s narrow beam and long bowsprit I’m ready to bite the bullet.  I want […]

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Even in a pool, getting into a life raft is a bit of a challenge

‘There’s no elegant way to enter a life raft,’ and other lessons from a Safety At Sea Seminar

Want to learn how to board a life raft, how to use all the onboard safety gear that you have and don’t have, about what seamanship skills you need to safely sail offshore, and much more? Sign up for a Safety At Sea seminar and get ready to be humbled. A recent Safety At Sea seminar was held on […]

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Aft cabin re-model: Making patterns

We’re making progress on that aft cabin.  I spent a great deal of time making a template out of heavy cardboard and playing with all the different combinations that would make the sleeping space larger without using up too much floor space. We finally settled on expanding the port side and the middle, and leaving […]

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