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The Seven Sins of Sailing

  An Open Letter to My Crew Dear Crew of the Naughty boat, You know that I run a casual ship.  I am not driven to win at all costs.  There will be no Joey Cora moments for me, crying in the dugout should we lose.  I’m just not wired that way.  I race because [...]

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A GLONASS system satellite

GLONASS satellite navigation network disrupted this week

Russia’s GPS-alternative satellite positioning system, GLONASS, was hit by a major disruption earlier this week according to PC Magazine (thanks to Captain Richard Rodriguez at Bitter End for the link). Beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, most of the 24 satellites in the GLONASS constellation began broadcasting erroneous data about their own positions, leading [...]

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Sea lions laying on a VTS separation buoy

Synthetic AIS coming to Puget Sound

Is this the beginning of the drone wars? Is the Singularity, a theoretical mass awakening of machine intelligence arising in our networked computers to revolt against us, now upon us? Probably not, but artificial AIS (Automatic Identification System) beacons are coming to Puget Sound soon, in a big way. The most recent Coast Guard District [...]

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Don’t let your shore power fail you

When was the last time you inspected your boat’s shore power cord? Regularly inspecting the cord and its connection points will ensure adequate power is provided to meet all your boat’s AC power demands and help protect against fires. Electrical power flows from the receptacle on the dock to the shore power cord plug (male), [...]

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