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Wax On Wax Off

I have always loved the song from Mary Poppins, Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Now that Emily has her own boat I have the fun of teaching her to maintain it. [...] more Post and any images courtesy of Art of Hookie.Read the full post on Art of Hookie.

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My off-grid power system

This article describes the off-grid power system that I have implemented on the boat. I believe it’s a good template for those wanting to build their own simple off-grid power system for a cabin, tiny-house, van, RV, or boat. I used to work as an electrical engineer planning out twelve volt electrical systems for semi-trucks, [...]

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Tug towing a log boom in the Swinomish Channel

Severe shoaling reported: A Swinomish Channel adventure

SWINOMISH CHANNEL SOUTH ENTRANCE – Severe Shoaling reported The entrance to the southern Swinomish Channel has a history of shoaling, therefore, mariners are advised to transit this waterway at the highest tide possible and exercise good seamanship and voyage planning. Multiple vessel grounding has occurred in the channel westward of Goat Island between Swinomish Channel [...]

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Do you understand flag etiquette?

Flag etiquette rules aren’t required as a cruiser, but you should know the basics to avoid embarrassing yourself or offending others. Beyond that is up to you, but there’s a whole language to flags that is interesting to learn. As a fan of flag etiquette.  I like to think I know a few things about flags, but I learned [...]

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