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The fog continues to clear

What the fog?

I may have been a mile out from South Pender when I hit the fog or it hit me. It seemed to go from a mile away to 100 feet away in minutes. I looked behind me at what had been clear, and I couldn’t see any farther. I was surrounded, and it had happened so […]

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A brush with disaster

Almost everyone has had a brush with disaster. Some are really big events like being standby and not making an airplane flight that crashes, or missing a bus that ends up being in a serious accident. Some are more minor like a near-miss when driving. But, whatever the cause, nothing catches your attention like “almost” […]

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Bimini renewal is a work in progress

One of the things about owning a boat for a long period of time (or ageing in general, for that matter…) is that you get to see the effects of time.  They are almost never kind.  But to avoid becoming morose, let’s keep this focused on Eolian‘s cockpit canvas. Way back in 2003 we had […]

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How to clean a winch

I have a confession: I love cleaning winches. It’s really weird, but the idea of cleaning a winch with a beer or two sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night. Taking apart a winch combines two of my favorite things among all boat tasks: 1) engineering – basic engineering skills in taking […]

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