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Burning Question | Marina etiquette

It’s fall again and folks are settling into their slips again for the winter, filling marinas and reacquainting neighbors with one another, both cordially and otherwise. And nothing is more grating than a neighbor, new or old, who doesn’t respect your property or the common areas of the marina. This survey was inspired by a [...]

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For paddlers, it’s high season for safety

Even if you’ve got the big boat winterized and tied up securely for the winter, with such gorgeous days as we have had lately, it’s been very easy to get the paddleboard or kayak out on the water for the day. BoatUS sent out the following tips for small boat boaters to keep in mind [...]

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Understanding engine overheating problems

Why is the engine overheating? Our Yanmar engine’s shrill alarm was the jarring start to some stressful hours during the last five months, and we asked that question many times. The answer was not one root cause, but more likely a series of related events, as a domino effect of different issues cascaded. I’ve written [...]

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Pop quiz on the Continuous Marine Broadcast!

If you spend much time cruising north of the Canadian border, then you no doubt also spend a lot of time listening to that ubiquitous service offered by the Canadian Coast Guard and Environment Canada, the Continuous Marine Broadcast. The United States, at least in the Puget Sound region, has no corresponding service with quite [...]

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Dyneema + low-friction thimbles

Since I took up sailboat ownership I discovered the level of innovation with UHMWPE has been remarkable in the sailing world. I did not know that my background in rock and alpine climbing would pave the way into utilizing the same dynamic and static systems used for fall protection. There are four actors that are [...]

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Calling all Cheapskate boaters!

With fall rains no longer to be denied here in the Pacific Northwest, the summer cruising season is well and truly done. It was a good one, but now most boaters are securing their craft for winter’s storms, and thoughts are turning from next weekend’s adventure to that long, long list of boat projects that [...]

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