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Cruising into Vancouver – A homecoming of sorts

Arriving in Vancouver was filled with confusing emotions and memories – coming into a big city after months away from cities was overwhelming. There were so many people! And towering apartment buildings holding unimaginable numbers of people – unimaginable because they hold more people than we’ve seen all summer. Our first time sailing into Vancouver […]

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Buddy-boating in bountiful Barkley Sound

Standing on top of the waterfall, tiers of glistening, freshwater pools stretched out before us. Carved perfectly in the rock, they were laced together by a series of tumbling rapids, cascading from one deep basin to the next, which, coupled with the warm sun, beckoned us in for a swim. “This is amazing!” I said to […]

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Boater and surfer friendly Tofino

As we snaked our way through the shallow approaches to Tofino, boats buzzed every which way, sea planes took off and landed, and kayakers paddled gracefully down the shoreline. Ashore, cars and trucks moved about, buildings cluttered the waterfront and we could tell the town was brimming with life. It was by far the most […]

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Looking northwest up Skookumchuck Narrows from our vessel anchored in Secret Bay.

Destinations: Best kept Secret Bay

Here’s our latest installment from friend and guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of…  This is one of those anchorages where we find ourselves again and again, at the crossroads of routes to so many places. Secret Bay, not to be confused with Secret Cove off Georgia Strait about 12 miles south as the crow flies, sits on […]

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