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3 days in Watmough Bay

It isn’t until we arrive at Watmough Bay that we truly feel like we are out cruising. We were a bit frazzled and exhausted from our camper van adventure followed by the week of crazy trip prep in Seattle so we took our time in Watmough to let the islands start to sink in. We […]

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A tale of two Portland weekends

Our education on cruising the rivers is constantly evolving, and what accelerates that knowledge growth is only one thing — being out here plying their waterways. So when we decided to make a run up towards Portland before the Oregon Offshore Race it was only fitting that we spend time on its two major waterways. The Willamette River runs […]

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Batwater Station: A gem on the river

As we motored upriver from Cathlamet, the day warmed to summer like temperatures and the wind slowly trickled in from behind us. Using the assistance of the breeze, we rolled out the genoa and picked up half a knot of speed towards a destination we had yet to decide on for the night. With evening upon […]

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Soaking it up at Bishop Bay Hot Springs

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller Blame the sunshine. Blame the natural hot springs. Or blame the good company. But nobody was in a hurry to leave Bishop Bay. Nobody aboard Cambria, anyway. And we were more than happy to […]

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