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Refuge Cove throws down a rustic, somewhat faded welcome mat that has a touch of magic felt from the moment you step ashore. (Photo by K Rad)

Refuge Cove spells relief

For most, the “refuge” in Refuge Cove refers to the cover it offers from cold winter winds. To some, bursting at the seams with brilliant insights amassed while bobbing in the lonely anchorages of Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands, it means relief. Indeed, you will be hard pressed to find a more congenial spot to share your collection […]

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TSNW goes east: A wild ride from Maine to Maryland

It was pitch black outside when the anemometer hit 40 knots. Scanning the horizon for lights of passing ships or fishing boats, all I could make out were the faint, white crests of the massive North Atlantic swell — but barely. The coast was miles away and daylight seemed just as far. We’d been at it […]

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Boating the beautiful lakes of Idaho

Most people, even those living in the Northwest, are unaware of the many great lakes Idaho has available to the public. Lake Pend Oreille, in the panhandle of Idaho, is the 38th largest lake in the U.S. and ranks among the five deepest lakes in the U.S. Because of its immense depth, 1,135 feet in […]

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Discovering Cabbage & Tumbo Islands

The original route that I’d plotted down to Cabbage & Tumbo Islands took us on the outside of Gabriola Island, Galiano Island, Mayne Island, etc…to Cabbage & Tumbo which are on the outside of Saturna Island. We did this because we wanted to avoid going through Dodd Narrows with over 6 knots against us (and because […]

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Summer Cruising: Pendrell Sound (Video)

I am thrilled to have been able to enjoy several weeks cruising this summer in Desolation Sound, the Discovery Islands, and the Canadian Gulf Islands.  I’ve decided rather than bore you with my daily cruising log, I’ll share some of the highlights and use video to help tell the story. If you’ve read my blog in […]

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More Melanie Cove shenanigans

We took the Inspire 1 up this afternoon for some aerial photos. My camera controller was glitching out a little bit, but I managed to take a few nice overhead shots that should give you a good sense of this place: After doing some more work, we decided to go hike some of the trails […]

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