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Octopus Islands to Von Donop Inlet

Distance traveled:  22.7 miles Travel time: 3 hrs, 20 mins The first part of today’s trip, in the upper left corner, involved re-tracing our steps through the narrow mouth of Hole in the Wall, ending in the bottom right corner at Von Donop Inlet. This brought us into our first southbound stop in Desolation Sound. [...]

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Do you understand flag etiquette?

Flag etiquette rules aren’t required as a cruiser, but you should know the basics to avoid embarrassing yourself or offending others. Beyond that is up to you, but there’s a whole language to flags that is interesting to learn. As a fan of flag etiquette.  I like to think I know a few things about flags, but I learned [...]

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Happy sails

Sailing is fun. You wouldn’t think you’d have to say that, but browsing boat magazines and websites, one could get the idea that boats are about being tough, doing grueling maintenance, or traveling to exotic locales. No folks, they’re definitely … Continue reading →

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British Columbia North: Prince Rupert to Cape Caution

August 5-15, 2014 Channels upon channels, upon straits, upon passages, upon more channels…It is easy to imagine the early explorers getting lost in British Columbia’s (BC’s)  labyrinthine waterways. I frequently lose track of where we are and have to run to consult the chart. We checked into Canadian Customs in Prince Rupert, which as far [...]

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