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The 30-inch test version of the sail-driven freighter - (Photo via Pacific Sky Power)

Kickstarting sustainable shipping

“Sail-powered shipping is coming back,” says Dan Tracy, looking confidently into the camera as he pitches his latest Kickstarter campaign. The mission: construct full-size, sail-driven catamaran cargo ships, built right here in Seattle, in the next five years, to transform the shipping industry. The goal: raise $1,000 to build a 60-inch radio-controlled foam prototype for […]

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Matt Rutherford, left, with reporter Tomoko Nishi and an editor at Kazi magazine, and Nicole Trenham in Sakura, Japan. Photo courtesy of Wendy Hinman

Seafaring rebel with a cause

Many share a thirst for adventure on the high seas, but few can turn that desire into a vocation. Matt Rutherford is one of them. He has found a way to share his love of the seafaring life with a mission to aid our planet’s threatened oceans, our neighboring Pacific being one of them. I […]

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A 2004 study estimated that a major spill in Washington waters could cause nearly $11 billion in economic losses and impact more than 165,000 jobs across the state.

Mystery oil spill in Seattle’s Salmon Bay

The U.S. Coast Guard and Washington State Department of Ecology are simultaneously working to clean up and investigate the source of an oil spill detected in Seattle’s Salmon Bay, along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, on Monday. Very little information about the spill has been released so far, but a strong petroleum odor and sheen […]

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Here Flipper

Q13 posted this fun video, sent in by a view, of a dolphin leaping and playing near Point Defiance this weekend.  It appears to be a White-sided dolphin, according to Q13. It is one of three species we get see from time to time on Puget Sound — and the rarest. More common are the […]

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A healthy sea star on Alki Beach

Boaters can help as sea star epidemic spreads

Sea stars — or starfish, as I knew them growing up — are one of those things in the ocean that are just so weird you can’t possibly not notice them. And noticing them, and reporting your findings, may be their best hope for survival as a frightening new disease courses through their ranks. Brainless, eyeless, hydraulically […]

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Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and Dam in Ballard seen from seaward

First waterways infrastructure bill in seven years signed into law

Thanks to Captain Mike Brough for pointing us toward this story President Obama signed into this month the first waterways infrastructure spending bill to pass Congress in seven years. The Water Resources Reform Development Act funds such various maritime projects as shoreline damage prevention, harbor maintenance and various inland waterways improvements. The bill is a […]

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