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Kwatsi Bay to Shawl Bay, Broughton Islands, B.C.

Distance traveled: 17.9 miles Travel time: 2 hrs, 11 mins Before leaving Kwatsi Bay, Cathryn commented to Max (owner of the Kwatsi Bay marina along with Anca) how much she enjoyed the bread he’d made the night before. Guess what ended up leaving Kwatsi Bay with us? Yum. It was drizzling as we pulled out, [...]

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Kwatsi Bay

Anca had several suggestions for interesting things to do in the area on our layover day. First we dropped the dinghy and went off on a 20-mile journey to explore Bond Sound, adjacent to Kwatsi Bay. It’s another “bowl” with deep water and high cliffs or hillsides all around. Below, looking back at Kwatsi Bay [...]

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Nanaimo to Hardy Island, entrance to Jervis Inlet

Monday afternoon at 4:10 a seaplane landed in Nanaimo and off-loaded Jim and Jan, Canadian friends we met our first winter RV-ing on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. We traveled together much of that early 2009 winter and have seen each other regularly in Canada, Olalla where we live, or on road trips since then. [...]

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Green Sailor

I hadn’t been sailing in ages, it seemed. And I probably wouldn’t get out on the water anytime soon. Then an afternoon commitment fell through. The rain clouds cleared, but the wind remained, so I grabbed my youngest boy and … Continue reading →

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Southeast Alaska Place Names

Every time I have sailed in Southeast Alaska, hereafter just called SE in this post, I have been intrigued and often amused by the names of places I stumble on along the way. The places I am referring to are not the famous and familiar names like Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, or Mendenhall, but rather the [...]

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The Bremerton Wood Boat Show

Here’s a great opportunity for boat lovers, especially admirers of wood boats, to view some wonderful classics. And for those living on the Kitsap Peninsula, this is in your back yard (or your back harbor, if you will), for the Bremerton Wood Boat Show takes place next week Friday through Sunday, August 15th – 17th [...]

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