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Home is the Best Nest

Has it really been two weeks since I posted anything here? If it’s been that long, it must be because we were sailing! Looking back it feels as though we crammed a full month’s worth of adventure into what was … Continue reading →

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Wire woes…

Much of my time down here is spent digging around in somebody’s boat, trying to figure out why something has quit working. Now, don’t get me work, sometimes things just break, or wear out, but by far and away the biggest number of repairs I make have to do with faulty wiring. Corrosion, vibration, poorly [...]

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Lake Union for the the 4th of July

We decided to try something new this year for the Fourth of July. We decided to watch the fireworks on Lake Union. We usually avoid crowds and especially crowds of boats. But for some unknown reason, we threw caution to … Continue reading → (Read more…) Categories: Destinations Interesting Tags: 4th of July4th of July [...]

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Towing derelicts

WA State Derelict Vessel Removal Program That’s not the owner, but my great deckhand Jason.  La Conner Rainbow Bridge One of the things that Assistance Towing Companies do is look for additional work.  Marine Services NW (Vessel Assist Whidbey and Anacortes) is no exception. The company has contract with Washington State to remove derelicts.  The fine [...]

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