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Deck leak!

Deck leaks are the bane of boats.  TJ on The Retirement Project once remarked that he had difficulty seeing why a boat deck should leak more than a house roof.  Well, first of all, boat decks are virtually flat, and everyone knows that it is not trivial to keep water from finding its way thru [...]

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All I want for Christmas rant

The holidays are just around the corner, bringing their yearly stress. It’s time to start thinking about what you want for Christmas. You know it’s time because Halloween is not yet over, yet the stores are already gearing up. I … Continue reading →

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Keep laughing Jack

C. A. THAYER photo from the archives of the S. P. H. S.© In September 1957, the C. A. THAYER sailed from Seattle to San Francisco to assume her new role as a museum ship, at her destination. She was commanded by Seattleite Captain Adrian Raynaud with Jack Dickerhoff as First Mate. The balance of the [...]

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Saving to Sail : Cruiser Kitty Rx

Saving for Sail still incognitowhile still holding down 9-5and moonlighting to buildcruising kitty. A cruiser kitty is not a cute, fuzzy animal.  Like a meow-meow cruiser kittys require regular feeding, though in the form of cash, or occasionally some other useful barter– anything from food and libations to gear or services.  They can become very [...]

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Aye, mateys! The Whateverly Brothers be leading our November 12th Shanty Sing at the NWMC in Port Townsend!

Join us for another FREE, family-friendly community song circle, where “singin’ is encouraged but knot required.” Wednesday, November 12th from 6pm to 8pm. Coffee and tea provided. The Whateverly Brothers Chris Glanister (left) and Dan Roberts (back) As the eldest brother, Dan has the most experience in music and performing. Raised in the Bay Area [...]

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