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McConnell Island

McConnell Island, SJC, on left.Original photo from the archives of the S. P. H. S.© “This was the home of a family with the dubious distinction of being smugglers.      Commander Wilkes had named the charming segment of land Brown Island in honor of 14 members of his crew with that surname. When the [...]

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Spooky, and it’s not even Halloween.

It was right around 10pm, Monday night, October 13th. Pitch black out, no stars. Tawn is in the aft cabin crashed out and I’m still up watching an episode of The Trailer Park Boys on the laptop. We were anchored in a small bay off El Tigre Island in Honduras. There is a small cluster [...]

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Micro-forecast iPhone App

An area like Puget Sound and the San Juans has many micro-climates. No “one size fits all” forecast is going to do a decent job. What you need is a micro forecast – one suited to just where you are. It’s not free, but for less than the cost of that last latte you bought, [...]

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HOWB 144 – Interview | Scott Rohrer on the “R” Boat “Pirate” at Center for Wooden Boats

On this week’s episode I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Rohrer, volunteer at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, and discuss the fascinating history and pedigree and the famed R boat – Pirate. Pirate has a long and storied history including being a direct descendant of Ted Geary’s design R class boat Sir [...]

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Summer Summary

The Summer has come and gone without updating Ripple’s blog.  I’m no better at paper logs, either, but the following is a brief summary of the last few months. Six coats of fresh varnish (le Tonkinois, of course) in the Spring Finished Stuart’s Little in time for my trip north Departed for my trip north [...]

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