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The deep clean

Using a toothbrush to get at dirty corners. Vacuuming hatch screens and overheads. Wiping down every accessible surface, including holds and lockers. Marty and I did all of those over the weekend as we spent around 12 hours scouring our boat top to bottom before we move aboard next weekend. OCD? Probably. But that’s how [...]

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The Passport Project: Part 16 (Bye bye, teak)

It’s one thing to plan for a major project on a boat, but it’s quite another to actually start the work. So it was with removing the teak overlay decks on our 1985 Passport 40 sailboat, Meridian. There is a feeling of anxiety that passes through me right before I take the plunge on a major boat project. It’s that moment right before I am finally and truly committed.

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The Passport Project: Part 15 (Deck worries)

The moment we stepped aboard Meridian the first time, I knew her teak decks needed some serious work. The rain and sleet that was falling at the time didn’t really help matters much, other than making the issues all the more apparent aboard the 1985 Passport 40 sailboat There were a number of screw heads gleaming where the teak bungs should have been (properly put, they were “standing proud,” as I later learned from a shipwright). Then there was the uneven, raised grain on the foredeck and the patches of failing seams. Yup, if we bought this boat, these decks would need some serious work.

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