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Jay Berglund, left, and skipper John Thompson head out on Gizmo. Photo by Susan Willis

Racers mourn loss of Olympia sailor

Jay Berglund, his friends say, was the type of sailor you could always rely on. Berglund was always willing to help with a boat delivery, was always there to drive the boat during the long stretches. He was the guy who would stay behind to clean and put the boat away, working long after his […]

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You can sail, paddle or row the 750 miles for a shot at winning $10,000.

Do you want to race – to Alaska?

“It’s like the Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning, being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear.” That’s how the Race to Alaska’s webpage describes this new event. “Like all good ideas,” joked co-organizer Jake Beattie when we spoke recently, “this one came over a beer.” He went […]

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Photo by Linda Evans, some rights reserved

Your own personal Opening Day theme

“Toys Ahoy” is the Seattle Yacht Club (SYC) theme for the Opening Day of boating season 2014. That’s tomorrow, May 3rd, but you could be forgiven for imagining that boating season is already well under way here in the mild spring weather of the Pacific Northwest, and indeed, for well-prepared boaters it never really stops. […]

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Putting on airs

I don’t like light air racing. I like the wind to blow. Once I’m away from the dock, 20 knots is just fine with me and I don’t even have to down half a dozen Alaskan Am-bers to get my courage up. Alas, this is the Northwest and we take what we get and what […]

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Round The County Race, 2013

Dan Newland Reports on PEGASUS’s Race in the 2013 Round The County. Photo’s by Sean Trew. PEGASUS at Round The County, 2013. Photo by Sean Trew This years’ RTC was an interesting contrast between what should have been and what was.  It should have had decent wind Saturday with light winds Sunday but reality has […]

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  What if you could blend your cars GPS with the features on your smart phone? When we started racing, just sailing the boat was a challenge. Now, three years later, we are starting to get the sailing down and learning how much racing involves tactics. Tactics, for those of you who don’t know, is […]

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