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USCG urges mariners to secure vessels

Every fall, the USCG spends time and resources chasing down boats that have broken free from moorings or have been swept of a beach. And now that fall storms have arrived, they are once again urging vessel and paddlecraft owners to properly secure and label their boats. Coast Guard crews treat every unmanned and adrift vessel as […]

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Salvage? Or…

All of us here in Puget Sound are aware that we’ve had some pretty tremendous wind storms lately, especially those of us who went days without power. But the boaters among us are even more aware. Whether your boat was tied to a dock, moored on a buoy, or (Heaven forbid) at anchor during these […]

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Friday night's sunset in Coal Harbour, Vancouver before Saturday's windstorm. Red at night sailor's delight, eh?

Windstorm sends early warning to boaters, as Coast Guard responds to more than 30 cases

Tucked into downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour for Saturday’s windstorm, we could not only hear it howling through sailboats’ rigs, but through the trees at nearby Stanley Park. Every so often, I poked my head out from down below to survey the jibs of nearby boats; hoping no complacent sailor had left a sail such that it could […]

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Photo courtesy of Three Sheets contributor Deane Hislop

We now know why this $10 million superyacht capsized at launch — and the reason will make you smack your head

Many will undoubtedly recall the capsize of the 90-foot, $10 million dollar megayacht Baaden as it was being launched in Anacortes in May 2014, and then the announcement of an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) into the cause of the accident. Well, here’s the final report on how this all happened in the first place — which […]

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