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11-year-old dies in Florida boat fire

(Thanks to Guest Dock blogger Stephanie Gardiner for passing this story along) In another grim reminder to be alert to all the various boating hazards and to stay safe afloat this holiday weekend, WPTV in Stuart, Florida is reporting that an autistic 11-year-old boy was killed in a fire at anchor aboard his family’s 45-foot [...]

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Eight pulled from water off Bainbridge Island

Seven adults, one child, and a dog were pulled from Eagle Harbor off Bainbridge Island on Sunday by a nearby vessel and a Coast Guard response boat after their 12-foot skiff capsized on Sunday. The incident occurred slightly before 8 p.m. The Coast Guard received a Mayday call from the good Samaritan boat reporting coming [...]

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We’re taking on water!

The day dawned glorious and bright, with the densely wooded hillside of Cypress Island for a backdrop, and good friends rafted to either side of Solace. But as so often happens this time of year, Rosario Strait, a mere quarter mile away, was completely socked in with fog. My friends and I had met up [...]

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A 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from U.S. Coast Guard Station Grays Harbor in Westport, Wash., inspects an unmanned 16-foot vessel about five miles northwest of Ocean Shores, Wash.


You hear them in passing, usually, one side of a desperate conversation from which you are insulated by distance and the vagaries of the electromagnetic spectrum: a Pan Pan call from the Coast Guard speaking calmly of someone in trouble, or possibly in trouble, or perhaps just missing; or maybe, from their powerful transmitters, you [...]

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