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Rescuers reach disabled 32-foot sailboat 800 miles off Oregon coast

A 32-foot sailboat en route from Hawaii to Everett became disabled approximately 800 miles off the California/Oregon coast last night and activated an EPIRB, summoning assistance from the Coast Guard and the Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) system. This morning, the 965-foot container ship Hyundai Grace reached the sailing vessel Hale’s Revenge in deteriorating conditions [...]

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Olympia sailor perishes in Eagle Island Race

The body of an Olympia man who went missing yesterday afternoon after the sailboat he was on capsized during the Eagle Island Race in Budd Inlet has been recovered, ending an intensive overnight search and rescue effort. The man’s body was found Sunday afternoon near the Herron Island ferry dock. Jay Bergland, 46, went missing [...]

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The canoe thief without a paddle

Judging by the tattered condition of docks around Puget Sound and the inland lakes this morning, last night wasn’t going to be a good night to make off into the darkness in your freshly stolen canoe anyway. But if you really wanted to have a fighting chance at making your escape, as 20-year-old man found [...]

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Simushir tied up in Prince Rupert

Drifting Russian vessel off Haida Gwaii towed to safety

The 400-foot Russian cargo vessel Simushir which had been without power and drifting dangerously close to the west coast of Haida Gwaii (as reported here on Saturday), raising the specter of a significant ecological catastrophe in the environmentally-sensitive archipelago, has been safely towed into the northern B.C. port of Prince Rupert, according to Canadian authorities. [...]

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Russian ship adrift off Canadian coast

If there is anything to give you a little perspective on sinking your 65′ powerboat in the Strait of Juan de Fuca right off the closest Coast Guard air station in the region, it’s considering the plight of 10 Russian sailors rolling their guts out in the north Pacific off Haida Gwaii with engines disabled [...]

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