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Solitude III on her maiden voyage. Photos courtesy of Jonathan Lee

My Boat | Solitude III

Jonathan Lee already had two unfinished kayaks he was building in his garage. But one fateful day during a business trip to Switzerland, he was surfing the web and came upon the Chesapeake Light Craft PocktetShip, designed by John Harris. Lee tried to resist, but he was smitten. After seeing a PocketShip at the Port […]

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My Boat | Caro Babbo

John Juliano and Jennifer Severin spent several summers living aboard a Thunderbird sailboat in New York, then moved to the Seattle area and started looking for a bigger boat for long-distance cruising. After a series of boat-shopping misadventures including a dead raccoon and a miscommunicated offer, they found their perfect boat, a 1975 Maxi 95. They […]

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Brandon and Virginia Ford's 1971 Columbia 43, Oceanus.

My Boat | Oceanus

Brandon and Virginia Ford had owned several boats through their marriage, up to a 27-footer they sailed on with their three kids and a dog. After their kids were grown, the couple downsized to a 19-footer that Brandon could sail alone. He figured that would be their last boat — until a family emergency changed their lives. […]

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The Lady Eileen hauled out

My Boat | Lady Eileen

Barret and Jillian Crabtree spent their honeymoon sailing on their Cal 2-25, Cheers, and loved her. But love can be fickle, as they discovered when they happened across a Bob Perry-designed, 1981 30-foot Baba, built by the famed Ta Shing company in Taiwan. They were soon the owners of two boats. They have since sold the […]

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Dave and Pat Hitchcock's 58-foot custom seiner, Lillian Belle, was built in 1946 by Falconer Marine in Victoria, British Columbia.

My Boat | Lillian Belle

Dave and Pat Hitchcock owned one boat before buying their 1946 58-foot custom commercial seiner, Lillian Belle. Trouble was, Dave didn’t tell Pat before buying that Alden yawl in the 1970s, and her reaction after he showed it to her on the docks prompted him to quickly return it to the broker and not tell […]

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My Boat | Volti Subito

Shane and Lisa Fawkes owned a MacGregor 26 and were looking to move up to a bigger boat. Their friends thought a Schock 34 would be perfect for them. Turned out they were right. The couple bought Volti Subito seven months ago and have been enjoying cruising on a bigger boat with their two daughters. […]

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