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The evolution of ice breakers

Gizmodo has a great post by Attila Nagy on the evolution of Polar Ice Breakers, HERE. Here’s an excerpt: Modern icebreakers are the most marvelous of civilian ships. They are huge, they are strong, they are powerful, and their history is amazing. Without them, there would be no safe waterways for other ships in the icy waters around […]

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Seattle's shoreline has changed radically since the city was founded

The shoreline that once was

In today’s highly-regulated, environmentally conscious shoreline development era (well, mostly; the occasional rogue goes off and reroutes a river without permission) you might be forgiven for imagining the Puget Sound shoreline as ancient, historic, and immutable. Certainly, at least in the Seattle area, little has changed at the wave-lapped edges of the waterfront in the […]

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Fishermen's Terminal and the Freemont Ice Cream boat in black and white

Fishermen’s Terminal turns 100

Seattle’s Fishermen’s Terminal, center of the Northwest fishing fleet, was the first item on the agenda of the newly founded Port of Seattle in 1913. Previously, moorage for the sizable North Pacific fishing fleet had been scattered all around Puget Sound, wherever individual vessel owners could find it. Similarly, services for the burgeoning fleet were […]

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