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A trip aboard the mail and passenger boat Yankee Doodle

The Yankee Doodle was a small boat with a very narrow beam that ran between Bellingham, Whatcom County, and Anacortes, Skagit County, stopping at many places among the Islands of San Juan group, carrying mail and passengers. Captain and owner of the good ship Yankee Doodle was Bill Kasch from Fidalgo Island. Captain Kasch was a […]

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Captain R.E. Peasley, the hero of Peter B. Kyne’s sea stories

Meet Captain “Matt” Peasley, resourceful and two-fisted skipper of the “Blue Star” fleet — in real life he was Capt. Ralph E. Peasley, of Aberdeen, WA. Peter B. Kyne pictured Peasley exactly as he was — stalwart, keen of eye, vigorous, friendly and a masterful sailing man. When you read Kyne’s ‘Cappy Ricks’, stories of romantic […]

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Dorjun’s expedition to the Islands of Cape Horn in 1933

In quest of photographs of disappearing Indian tribes of the Cape Horn Islands, Amos Burg (1889-1986), Portland, OR, explorer, author, lecturer, purchased this 1905 US Life Service boat and had it shipped to his home state of Oregon. Lashed to the deck of the WEST MAHWAH, they sailed from San Francisco, CA. in September 1933. […]

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