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Making the Cut: The Yesler Mill on Union Bay

On New Year’s Day, 1890, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published an article touting the benefits of purchasing property at Ravenna Park, north of the city limits. To bolster the argument, the article pointed to the settlement of Yesler as a neighboring thriving community: “Yesler Mill, a settlement of some sixty houses, with ice factory, church and stores — […]

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Lake Union with Skeet’s Fleet and Company

“They are called “live-aboards.” They happily reside in such varied craft as schooners, yawls, tugs, ferryboats, and a few floating structures that are impossible to define. Lake Union, with its wild mixture of rusting boats, industry, and quacking ducks is the common bond of the live-aboard. Sometimes banned by marine owners, looked upon as slightly […]

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Seattle’s first fire boat comes to a flaming end off Kodiak docks

From maritime writer Glen Carter for the Seattle Times, c. 1974. “Alaska maritime news of interest to Seattle is sometimes late enough to have arrived by dogsled, carrier pigeon and boat. A case in point is word of Seattle’s first fire boat, the SNOQUALMIE, built in 1890. She was alive and well as a shrimp hauler […]

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