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What lies beneath

(Thanks to Guest Dock blogger Captain Mike Brough, who brought this story to our attention) Shipwrecks are not typically the sort of thing that mariners like to dwell on. But if you happen to be one of those morbid souls who has a fixation on what mortal works have been sunk, there’s some good news [...]

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Northwest Seaport turns 50

Northwest Seaport, the non-profit organization behind the historic tug Arthur Foss, the lightship Swiftsure, and the fishing troller Twilight, is turning 50 this year. It’s impossible to talk about the history of Northwest Seaport without talking about the history of the Wawona, the schooner the organization was founded to save. In the early 1960′s, according [...]

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Coast Guard Auxiliary turns 75

It seems appropriate that the genesis of the Coast Guard Auxiliary began in an event so closely identified with the organization today: a courtesy inspection. In 1934, the commodore of the Pacific Writers’ Yacht Club — a recently founded club comprised mostly of Hollywood screenwriters, boasting an impressive number of movie stars along on the [...]

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United States Power Squadrons turn 100

If you know anything about the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), it’s probably because you learned something about boating from a member or class or some of their extensive educational material developed on myriad nautical subjects. And education is the primary reason for the existence of the organization; some hint of the origins are inherent [...]

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A boy, a bell and a 77-year mystery

As the caretaker of a 101-year-old ship, Catherine Collins is used to occasionally uncovering new bits of information about the vessel’s history. But a call she got a few weeks ago stunned her. At the other end of the line was an 87-year-old California man, Alfred R. “Nick” Lemos, who said he had the original [...]

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Adventuress is 100… plus 1!

The schooner Adventuress is actually 101 this year, but as most of us of advancing age have learned, what’s a year one way or the other? Although Adventuress has become a Puget Sound icon, she wasn’t built here and wasn’t intended particularly to sail our local waters. Adventuress was built in East Boothbay, Maine, by [...]

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Lithograph of HMS Discovery aground in Queen Charlotte Sound

Vancouver relic recovered?

Local historians and history buffs have been abuzz for the past few years about an anchor discovered by diver’s off Whidbey Island. In most particulars, it appears to match one described as having been lost in the vicinity by the Vancouver expedition. Now, the anchor has been raised, and historians are looking for answers. The [...]

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