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A look at cruising the San Juan Islands in the 1940s by June Burn

Day 64 of 100 Days in the San Juans written by former San Juan County islander June Burn on contract with the Seattle P-I in the summer of 1946. “A raw, windy Sunday morning beside a comfortable fire, breakfast just over, a seagull winging over the tidy little Stuart Island dock, swallows dipping, our smoke blowing towards this incredible […]

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The evolution of ice breakers

Gizmodo has a great post by Attila Nagy on the evolution of Polar Ice Breakers, HERE. Here’s an excerpt: Modern icebreakers are the most marvelous of civilian ships. They are huge, they are strong, they are powerful, and their history is amazing. Without them, there would be no safe waterways for other ships in the icy waters around […]

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