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The thrill of the grill: kebabs and curry couscous

There’s still time to fire up that grill and enjoy the sunset from your cockpit. And what better way than skewering fish or meats alongside fruits of the season? Kebabs are easy to assemble. In fact, you could put out all the prepared ingredients in assorted bowls and have your guests decide what creative mixtures [...]

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Berries for the Fourth

Yay! It’s berry season! Time to pick up colorful baskets of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to celebrate the bounty of summer. And there’s no better time to make a special dessert with red, white and blue. I’ve selected a trifle for this month’s recipe. The name tells it all: Heavenly Strawberries. I’ve made this recipe [...]

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Using rhubarb onboard: NW Island Hot Sauce

One of the best things about cruising at this time of year is that some of the public markets start selling delicious local farm goods. This is a great exchange — the local farmers get some cash for their products and you get the benefits of flavor, freshness and goodness. What I really like is [...]

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It’s halibut season

I’ll never forget the first time I saw freshly caught halibut being sold off a boat tied up at the Port of Everett Marina. I was looking out the window at Anthony’s restaurant and saw a steady stream of people lining up. So of course, I meandered down there myself to see what all the [...]

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It has been so refreshing to notice the sense of community that quietly moves amongst the docks. People are always coming and going, new faces, new dogs, new stories, new adventures. It’s fascinating. There is an ever changing landscape as well, based solely on what boats arrive or leave. It has also been nice to [...]

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Lentils for lunch

Did you know that more lentils are harvested in the Northwest than anywhere else? That lentils and peas have been cultivated in the Middle East for eight thousand years? And that ounce per ounce, lentils and split peas have more protein than beef? These facts appear in Greg Atkinson’s “The Northwest Essentials Cookbook.” Greg devotes an [...]

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