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Liquid Motivation: Date Night

Thank you Martin. Thank you Jeff & Paula. Thank you for funding a much needed “fancy dinner” in town. I remember reading Lin and Larry Pardey’s books and how Larry would take Lin out for dinner on their first night in port as a break from cooking. We both cook on board but when we […]

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Zombie Apocalypse 2015

I reached into the locker and pulled out a can of pasta sauce, the lid read best if used by 2013, i wondered where and when I purchased that old can, didn’t matter dinner was delicious. Unlike most Americans who are still paying for food they charged in 2013 were still eating food we bought […]

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Sockeye Fishing and Canning

The sockeye (red) salmon are finally  running on the Kenai River! This is the main thing we have been looking forward to since being back in Alaska. There is nothing like going fishing and knowing you will actually catch something. And I never tire of the scenery and watching the bald eagles. Yes, that really is the color of […]

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