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Lentils for lunch

Did you know that more lentils are harvested in the Northwest than anywhere else? That lentils and peas have been cultivated in the Middle East for eight thousand years? And that ounce per ounce, lentils and split peas have more protein than beef? These facts appear in Greg Atkinson’s “The Northwest Essentials Cookbook.” Greg devotes an [...]

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Shrimping in Boiling Water

I love to shrimp.  So much so, that when we first got our boat, I would shrimp without a pot puller.  I was the pot puller.  And for the first 2 or 3 years I pulled pots by hand, and we enjoyed a total of about 24 of the most delicious spot shrimp you could [...]

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Irish American soda bread

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Why not add a little festivity to the day and bake one of these simple loaves of bread in your galley? No yeast, no fuss, a little sticky maybe, but easy as … well, pie. The loaf is made with baking soda, and you’ll be amazed by [...]

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It’s a little late to be sharing what we made for christmas presents this year but I thought these jars full of cookie mix could be a fun project for Valentine’s Day or a hostess gift. And I couldn’t really share before the holidays as that would have spoiled the surprise to our giftees.  Making [...]

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Missing the bridges

We knew when we moved back onto Lake Union from Shilshole Bay Marina that we were giving up the one big thing that had convinced us to move out onto the salt in the first place: an extra hour of sailing time each way going in or out that would otherwise be spent transiting the [...]

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Wildberry Restaurant Chili

This chili is named in honor of the Wildberry Restaurant in Ashford, Wash., since its origins began there. But it’s been changed quite a bit from its original. When I asked for the recipe, the waitress went to the kitchen and asked the owner. She graciously emerged holding a piece of paper with a rough [...]

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