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Rebedding on a C&C Landfall 38

With day after day of rain lately, thoughts turn towards preventing that water from ruining wood coring. Almost all boats have it, and most boats have at least a couple leaks. If I had known all the locations of coring on the C&C Landfall 38 (LF38) upon purchase I would’ve resealed penetrations in those areas […]

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Winter projects for better cruising

It’s been a typical Northwest winter, thankfully. The precipitation in December was perfect for laying a deep snowpack on the mountains. The torrential rains have exposed even the smallest leaks on Satori. The window to be outside on the weekdays are limited to early mornings and lunch breaks. Some days I run the Dickinson stove […]

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The remedy to broken screws

Just before the winter rains set in, I decided to do something strange; I did boat maintenance. Thorough maintenance. Although I love my Adirondack guideboat, I never pay it as much attention as I should. For some reason, unknown to me, I was possessed to remove all of the hardware and oil each bit of […]

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The rise of Humpty (aka my engine)

Winter has arrived. Nighttime temperatures have hovered around freezing at night. The monsoon rains are here in between the cold spells, and the winds can blow upwards of thirty knots between weather systems. Days are short, and we spend a lot of time inside. I run the diesel stove during the afternoon to warm up the […]

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Bimini renewal is a work in progress

One of the things about owning a boat for a long period of time (or ageing in general, for that matter…) is that you get to see the effects of time.  They are almost never kind.  But to avoid becoming morose, let’s keep this focused on Eolian‘s cockpit canvas. Way back in 2003 we had […]

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