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Relocating a 120 VAC electrical panel

As part of the engine re-power I decided to relocate the 120 VAC Electrical Panel to give better access to the engine compartment since the original panel blocked engine maintenance access. The boat originally came with a custom 120 VAC Electrical Panel located next to the engine compartment, the custom box also held the VHF […]

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The mystery dinghy goes to rehab

When I bought our 8.5-foot fiberglass dinghy last summer off an ad on Craig’s List, I knew she would need some work. Her teak inwales and outwales were in splinters, her thwarts were in need of repair and her bottom was covered with scars. I also wanted to reinforce her transom and install quarter knees […]

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The results: a perfect gelcoat match

A couple of posts back I talked about getting some color-matched gelcoat from Fiberlay.  And I promised I would tell you about the results.  Well here they are: Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  I must say that managing the gelcoat as you are applying it is difficult.  Just like working with polysulphide, it seems to […]

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