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How to fix cracked gelcoat corners

Have you ever done fiberglass layup? If you have, then you know how difficult it is to get the wetted cloth to follow a sharp outside corner tightly, with “sharp” being a variable depending on how heavy the cloth is.  It tends to spring back, leaving a gap underneath. Well, boat manufacturers have the same […]

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A flurry of projects during haul-out

With boatyards you pay for “lay days”, which are the days your boat is laying on the hard (on dry land instead of water). About $40/day for our size boat. So this meant haul-out time is work as fast as you to get as much work done as possible. In July we’re planning a one-month […]

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One boat project leads to another

While quite some time has passed since I finished my “big” project for this spring, I realized that I had failed to write an update showing the completion of the project. If you had been reading before, you may recall I installed a windlass this spring, which turned into one of those projects where you might […]

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