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True or False: Take the boat winterizing quiz

BoatU.S. sent out this true/false quiz talking about popular misconceptions that go along with winterizing your boat. Are you getting it right when you pack up for the winter? You’re putting the boat away for winter. So what half-truth, wives tale or tall story have you heard about winterizing a recreational boat? Boat Owners Association [...]

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Understanding engine overheating problems

Why is the engine overheating? Our Yanmar engine’s shrill alarm was the jarring start to some stressful hours during the last five months, and we asked that question many times. The answer was not one root cause, but more likely a series of related events, as a domino effect of different issues cascaded. I’ve written [...]

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Dyneema + low-friction thimbles

Since I took up sailboat ownership I discovered the level of innovation with UHMWPE has been remarkable in the sailing world. I did not know that my background in rock and alpine climbing would pave the way into utilizing the same dynamic and static systems used for fall protection. There are four actors that are [...]

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Calling all Cheapskate boaters!

With fall rains no longer to be denied here in the Pacific Northwest, the summer cruising season is well and truly done. It was a good one, but now most boaters are securing their craft for winter’s storms, and thoughts are turning from next weekend’s adventure to that long, long list of boat projects that [...]

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Edensaw Boatbuilding challenge video

If you missed the high (and low) points of the Edensaw Boatbuilding Challenge at this year’s Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, fear not … in our hyper-documented age of digital wonder, someone inevitably made a video about it. It’s on YouTube and you can watch it right here.

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My off-grid power system

This article describes the off-grid power system that I have implemented on the boat. I believe it’s a good template for those wanting to build their own simple off-grid power system for a cabin, tiny-house, van, RV, or boat. I used to work as an electrical engineer planning out twelve volt electrical systems for semi-trucks, [...]

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