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My off-grid power system

This article describes the off-grid power system that I have implemented on the boat. I believe it’s a good template for those wanting to build their own simple off-grid power system for a cabin, tiny-house, van, RV, or boat. I used to work as an electrical engineer planning out twelve volt electrical systems for semi-trucks, [...]

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An entirely 12v wifi solution

Like a lot of cruisers these days, my wife and I are increasingly dependent on the Internet for support in all facets of our life. It’s a reference for information, source for parts, connection to finances, friends, family, and a necessary component of business. Also like most cruisers, we make use of a variety of [...]

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Sailboats sitting on the hard in a boat yard in Port Townsend

Boats out of water

Is there anything more unnatural than a boat out of water? It’s always a sphincter-tightening moment for me when I hear the engines rev on the Travelift and see the straps starting to coil and tighten beneath the hull. Are they on a transducer? What if the strap slips and — gulp — slides up [...]

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