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Don’t let your shore power fail you

When was the last time you inspected your boat’s shore power cord? Regularly inspecting the cord and its connection points will ensure adequate power is provided to meet all your boat’s AC power demands and help protect against fires. Electrical power flows from the receptacle on the dock to the shore power cord plug (male), [...]

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Swap meet season is here

It’s time for the spring swap meet season here in Puget Sound. Boaters getting ready for a summer of cruising or racing are getting rid of garage-fulls of gear they didn’t use last year and are out shopping for items more amenable to their needs this year. Since one sailor’s junk is another’s treasure, the [...]

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Taking the mystery out of diesel engine maintenance

For a healthy life span and reliable performance, a marine diesel engine must breathe clean air, maintain a proper running temperature and have an unrestricted flow of clean fuel and lubricant. The air-induction, cooling, lubricating and fuel systems all require periodic maintenance. Without it, they will eventually succumb to the environment. In today’s economy, however, [...]

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A fix for those pesky broken screws

You’ve probably experienced the boat project you thought would take an hour or two but that ends up being a challenge to your sanity. I recently had one of those and was saved by one of those rare little gizmos that can make the difference between success and failure, a regular deus ex machina. So [...]

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