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How to get free NOAA weather forecasts sent directly to your computer

The weather “is a matter about which a great deal is said, but very little done.” It’s a brilliant quote that’s usually attributed to Mark Twain but was actually said by his friend, Charles Dudley Warner. Regardless of where it came from, it’s true: There’s very little we can do about the weather, except prepare […]

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A sample of treated fuel.

How to polish your fuel

We were motoring up Fitz Hugh Sound along the Central Coast of British Columbia last June, making our way to Ocean Falls, when the engine started hunting, fluctuating 150 RPM from where it was set. It’s always a concern when there’s something going on with the motor, but the symptoms were consistent with a dirty […]

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Veteran boater tells you four great ways to stay connected to data anywhere you cruise

We live in a connected world and yet, on a boat, connectivity remains a real challenge. Since I work full time while cruising often unpopulated parts of the world, connectivity is particularly challenging and absolutely required. Without connectivity, we can’t travel. Our approach is a hierarchy of options depending upon what is available where the […]

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