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Much-needed coach boats available for rent

Two years ago, The Sailing Foundation began offering youth racing clinics aimed at helping promising young Northwest sailors build the skills needed to compete in regattas at the regional or national level. The two-day clinics, open to sailors aged 12 to 18, fit with the nonprofit organization’s mission of promoting youth sailing. Led by top-level [...]

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The Portland Spirit: no longer my nemesis

It was a gusty day, early in my sailing career, and I was making good speed along the Willamette, when the wind suddenly dropped to nothing, leaving me dead still in the water. Then, around a bend in the river, I saw it: looming three stories above the water, churning mercilessly closer, closer. This apparition [...]

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Not your usual patrol boat

Gordon Myers is active in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary — very active. An “auxiliarist” for the last 11 years, the 79-year-old cruises his Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol boat at least three times each week on Seattle’s Lake Union. But this one is not like most auxiliary patrol boats. It’s a single-seat Surfbike, pedaled and steered [...]

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The next big thing in boats is small, and getting smaller

We recently received this press release announcing the third annual Pocket Yacht Palooza to be held in Port Townsend this coming weekend. The Puget Sound area, and Port Townsend in particular, is at the epicenter of a global downsizing trend in boats, leading the way with smaller-boat designs, boatbuilding workshops, small-boat publications and events such [...]

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Driftwooden boat building?

(This story comes to us, appropriately, via Dan Leach at Seattle’s own Center for Wooden Boats.) When most people think of “wooden boats” they think of the wood as being a little more … processed … than Brooklyn artist Marie Lorenz does. Lorenz is currently in Vancouver, B.C., as artist-in-residence at the Burrard Marina Field [...]

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A boy, a bell and a 77-year mystery

As the caretaker of a 101-year-old ship, Catherine Collins is used to occasionally uncovering new bits of information about the vessel’s history. But a call she got a few weeks ago stunned her. At the other end of the line was an 87-year-old California man, Alfred R. “Nick” Lemos, who said he had the original [...]

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