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Power made easy: Airship’s electrical upgrades

Before our 5-month trip up the Inside Passage to Alaska aboard Airship, we did some major upgrades to Airship’s electrical power system. Now, after five solid months on the boat – mostly away from marinas, here is a summary of how the system performed, what we learned, and what our “ideal” power system might look […]

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Tale of Terrapin

“I thought you loved that boat,” my wife said when I mentioned that I was thinking of selling Terrapin. “When I looked in her log book, I realized that I haven’t rowed her since April.” My wife looked on, still surprised. “And, Terrapin is a great boat, but she’s not the most comfortable thing to […]

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My Boat | Sookie

When you find the perfect boat for you and the perfect waters to ply, you’ve got it made. Such is life for Stormy aboard his 1985 Falmouth Cutter 22 Sookie upon the Salish Sea. How long have you owned the boat? Twelve years after first finding my little Falmouth Cutter, I became the very proud custodian. I […]

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Discovering Cabbage & Tumbo Islands

The original route that I’d plotted down to Cabbage & Tumbo Islands took us on the outside of Gabriola Island, Galiano Island, Mayne Island, etc…to Cabbage & Tumbo which are on the outside of Saturna Island. We did this because we wanted to avoid going through Dodd Narrows with over 6 knots against us (and because […]

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