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Go Big Or Go Home

I’ve never once wished for a larger boat while out sailing and voyaging but living aboard at the dock in winter is an entirely different thing. I should be writing, or working on the boat or… but I’m not, I’m surfing the web for my dream 50’er. The Crealock 31 is the largest boat in […]

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Seattle to Anacortes in five minutes

What’s better than a friend asking if you can help deliver a Jeanneau 42 from Seattle to Anacortes on a windy fall day? Taking along your video camera and putting together a fun, fast five minute recap of the adventure. If can’t get out on the water today, you can at least enjoy watching this […]

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Solitude III on her maiden voyage. Photos courtesy of Jonathan Lee

My Boat | Solitude III

Jonathan Lee already had two unfinished kayaks he was building in his garage. But one fateful day during a business trip to Switzerland, he was surfing the web and came upon the Chesapeake Light Craft PocktetShip, designed by John Harris. Lee tried to resist, but he was smitten. After seeing a PocketShip at the Port […]

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Making a boat into a home

In the run-up to cutting our docklines, my friend Toast and I would meet for workday lunch breaks in downtown Seattle to talk about All Things Cruising. It was a much needed outlet during a time that we weren’t very public with our plans, and could only bore close friends with for so long. One […]

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Boat Name Yea or Nay: Don’t Panic!

Boats names are like … well, let’s just say that every boat has one, and they are a matter of highly personal taste. What one boat owner considers a great name might provoke groans from others. One thing’s for sure: boaters have strong opinions about vessel names. So we thought we’d start a new feature […]

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Edensaw Boatbuilding challenge video

If you missed the high (and low) points of the Edensaw Boatbuilding Challenge at this year’s Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, fear not … in our hyper-documented age of digital wonder, someone inevitably made a video about it. It’s on YouTube and you can watch it right here.

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