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My Boat | Solitude III

Jonathan Lee already had two unfinished kayaks he was building in his garage. But one fateful day during a business trip to Switzerland, he was surfing the web and came upon the Chesapeake Light Craft PocktetShip, designed by John Harris. Lee tried to resist, but he was smitten. After seeing a PocketShip at the Port [...]

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Making a boat into a home

In the run-up to cutting our docklines, my friend Toast and I would meet for workday lunch breaks in downtown Seattle to talk about All Things Cruising. It was a much needed outlet during a time that we weren’t very public with our plans, and could only bore close friends with for so long. One [...]

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Boat Name Yea or Nay: Don’t Panic!

Boats names are like … well, let’s just say that every boat has one, and they are a matter of highly personal taste. What one boat owner considers a great name might provoke groans from others. One thing’s for sure: boaters have strong opinions about vessel names. So we thought we’d start a new feature [...]

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Edensaw Boatbuilding challenge video

If you missed the high (and low) points of the Edensaw Boatbuilding Challenge at this year’s Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, fear not … in our hyper-documented age of digital wonder, someone inevitably made a video about it. It’s on YouTube and you can watch it right here.

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Adventuress to get her original bell back

You might have heard the amazing story from earlier this year of the discovery and recovery of the original ship’s bell of the local schooner Adventuress (read Deborah Bach’s fantastic article on the mystery 77 years in the making) earlier this year. But you may not know that the bell hasn’t been officially returned just [...]

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Much-needed coach boats available for rent

Two years ago, The Sailing Foundation began offering youth racing clinics aimed at helping promising young Northwest sailors build the skills needed to compete in regattas at the regional or national level. The two-day clinics, open to sailors aged 12 to 18, fit with the nonprofit organization’s mission of promoting youth sailing. Led by top-level [...]

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