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Hydroplane races return to Kenmore today

After 38 years of the loudest thing on the Kenmore waterfront being the odd seaplane coming or going, the roar of hydroplanes is returning today as the once-popular Sammamish Slough Race is reincarnated. The original races, which were held from 1928 to 1976, were held up and down the Sammamish River and were popular both [...]

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My Boat | Lady Eileen

Barret and Jillian Crabtree spent their honeymoon sailing on their Cal 2-25, Cheers, and loved her. But love can be fickle, as they discovered when they happened across a Bob Perry-designed, 1981 30-foot Baba, built by the famed Ta Shing company in Taiwan. They were soon the owners of two boats. They have since sold the [...]

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Canadian Coast Guard to get new lifeboats

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is seeking comments from shipbuilders on the proposed design of a new class of high-endurance motor lifeboats to be put into production as early as this year. The new vessels are intended to replace the aging ARUN class lifeboats, which were originally designed for the Royal National Lifeboat [...]

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SSS Odyssey dead in the water

The Sea Scout Ship Odyssey is in trouble. A combination of two unfortunate events has left the Tacoma jewel dead in the water this winter, and threaten to sideline her for the coming summer sailing season as well. In December, the mainsail was blown out in heavy winds, crippling her primary means of propulsion. Less [...]

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Heart of glass

Heart of Glass is not a new book and it’s not for everyone. Written by Daniel Spurr, former senior editor of Cruising World magazine, and published in 2000, Heart of Glass is, as the subtitle says, about “Fiberglass boats and the men who made them.” It covers both subjects in equal measure, and unfortunately leaves [...]

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The Arthur Foss at the Historic Ships Wharf on South Lake Union

Documentary on Arthur Foss to premiere in Seattle

The National Park Service and Northwest Seaport have partnered to premiere a new short documentary film on the tug Arthur Foss this Thursday at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Pioneer Square. The film, titled “Arthur Foss: Iconic Tugboat of the Northwest,” was filmed and produced by students from the Art Institute of [...]

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