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A jet boat ride up the Stikine River

On Thursday we took a jet boat ride out of Wrangell and up the Stikine River with Zack from Breakaway Adventures. Breakaway Adventures does trips to LaConte Glacier, Anan Bear Observatory, the Stikine River, and Telegraph Creek, B.C. in their super fast, super fun jet boats. We inquired about the Anan Bear Observatory trip, but the season […]

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Sailing past Gas Works Park on Lake Union

Boat Notes|Sweden Yacht 37 Sven

“Boat Notes” is a collaboration between Three Sheets Northwest and Swiftsure Yachts to bring you an inside look at interesting new and used boats. Lake Union was smooth as a millpond when we untied Sven’s lines and slipped away from the dock. Fortunately, it was lunchtime and neither Brad nor I had eaten, so we decided a […]

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Photo courtesy of Three Sheets contributor Deane Hislop

We now know why this $10 million superyacht capsized at launch — and the reason will make you smack your head

Many will undoubtedly recall the capsize of the 90-foot, $10 million dollar megayacht Baaden as it was being launched in Anacortes in May 2014, and then the announcement of an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) into the cause of the accident. Well, here’s the final report on how this all happened in the first place — which […]

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