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How to get free NOAA weather forecasts sent directly to your computer

The weather “is a matter about which a great deal is said, but very little done.” It’s a brilliant quote that’s usually attributed to Mark Twain but was actually said by his friend, Charles Dudley Warner. Regardless of where it came from, it’s true: There’s very little we can do about the weather, except prepare […]

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All is well after last week’s storms

By the time the forecast windstorm arrived, its strength had been downgraded a tiny bit.  But it was still very strong when it arrived Thursday night (aside: why do these things always happen at night?). For an assortment of reasons too complicated to detail here, we spent the night at our cabin on Camano Island.  […]

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The wind is windy

Early on Tuesday morning, when the wind gusts started hitting 50 knots, we could feel a noticeable change from the mere 30 to 40 that had been the norm for the previous few hours. No longer were we just swinging on our Bruce anchor and all chain rode, but heeling sharply as though sailing close-hauled. […]

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How is your nautical winter weather awareness?

The gale warnings that had been issued for much of Puget Sound over the weekend have been downgraded. Anyway, they weren’t the first of the season and chances are your lines have already been tested and found firm (or wanting, and been replaced, as the case may be!) for our winter storms. And we’ve dodged […]

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Tropical storm scales

I confused everyone, including myself, in the last post because although I have a good handle on the definitional issues for tropical storms in the South Pacific I did not have as good of a handle on the definition of typhoons as I thought I did. That plus some sloppy editing on my part made […]

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