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So as I mentioned before, Matt had been working on patching a ton of places on the roof of the boat in hopes of getting a handle on the leaks that we have.  He has been applying a primer, layer after layer for about two weeks now.  Then sanding edges and in the next few [...]

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Fogs in Still Air

The fog began with sunny warm days and clear nights, in this case with a lovely moon.  A large area of consistently high pressure arrived which your weather textbook and wall barometer will claim means fair weather.  However what it really means is little pressure slope with virtually no wind and no frontal storms.  Just [...]

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They sometimes call this month “Fogust” out here on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and it’s been living up to the reputation so far this year. Our radar has gotten a good workout from the moment we crawled out of Bull Harbour all the way back down into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. [...]

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