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The Vava II

Megayachts … friend or foe?

Sitting down to write this article, I was interrupted by the roar of a helicopter low overhead. Poking my head out a hatch, I saw a sleek-looking machine lifting off, pivoting, and swooping off over the lake — our new neighbors on the 314 foot Vava II, heading out for an afternoon spin. I ducked […]

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Smelt beach seining threatened in Washington

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife is examining options for changing or eliminating commercial and recreational smelt fishing seasons. Although smelting is not one of the state’s larger fisheries, it has some community aspects that strike San Juan island liveaboard and photographer Adam Nash as important. Nash has written a short piece on […]

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Closed for business at NOAA this morning

Government shutdown more like a slowdown for boaters

The government “shutdown” caused by the failure of Congress to pass continuing appropriations for the funding of many government services isn’t actually much of a shutdown for Puget Sound boaters. It may, however, slow some already sluggish government services that sailors rely on even further. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the Hiram […]

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King County Sheriff's Patch

King County adopts ordinance to allow vessel impoundment

The King County Council has passed an ordinance allowing deputies to impound boats being operated by operators impaired by drugs or alcohol, or an vessel found adrift or otherwise impeding navigation within county waters. The ordinance is essentially an update to existing code covering motor vehicles, correcting an oversight whereby deputies had no legal authority […]

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