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Closed for business at NOAA this morning

Government shutdown more like a slowdown for boaters

The government “shutdown” caused by the failure of Congress to pass continuing appropriations for the funding of many government services isn’t actually much of a shutdown for Puget Sound boaters. It may, however, slow some already sluggish government services that sailors rely on even further. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the Hiram [...]

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King County Sheriff's Patch

King County adopts ordinance to allow vessel impoundment

The King County Council has passed an ordinance allowing deputies to impound boats being operated by operators impaired by drugs or alcohol, or an vessel found adrift or otherwise impeding navigation within county waters. The ordinance is essentially an update to existing code covering motor vehicles, correcting an oversight whereby deputies had no legal authority [...]

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On Watch | The Tsunami Here

Tomorrow, March 11, marks the two-year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The Seattle Times has a story up today on the steady trickle of debris that Northwest beaches have been receiving from the tons that were washed out to sea when the floodwaters receded. The paragraph in the article that grabbed [...]

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On watch | A community like no other

We were standing on the dock at Bell Harbor Marina in Seattle a few weeks ago when a man who’d seen the name on our boat walked over and asked if we were the people behind Three Sheets Northwest. His name was Alex Kimball, and he told us he and his wife had recently moved [...]

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On Watch | An ideal winter night’s cruise

Local weather guru Cliff Mass has declared on his well-read blog that the worst of winter has passed — at least climatologically speaking. Turns out that those seemingly endlessly dreary weeks between New Years and Valentine’s Day, when the first signs of the coming spring resume, are not typically the worst weather of the year. That [...]

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On Watch | Round and round

I certainly don’t consider myself a rabid environmentalist, but I do very much care about reducing my impact on the planet. And that is especially the case when it comes to preserving and improving the quality of the Northwest waters where we spend our time boating. One thing that dawned on us during our summer of [...]

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