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Simushir tied up in Prince Rupert

Drifting Russian vessel off Haida Gwaii towed to safety

The 400-foot Russian cargo vessel Simushir which had been without power and drifting dangerously close to the west coast of Haida Gwaii (as reported here on Saturday), raising the specter of a significant ecological catastrophe in the environmentally-sensitive archipelago, has been safely towed into the northern B.C. port of Prince Rupert, according to Canadian authorities. [...]

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The sunken tug Chickamauga surrounded by spill pads and a containment boom

Washington State takes another step to reduce number of derelict vessels

The Washington State Department of Ecology finalized a new type of permit recently to allow businesses and boat owners to dismantle vessels while they are still in the water, providing another option to cash-strapped owners seeking to prevent their derelict vessels from polluting state waters. Previously, there was no legal option for deconstructing a vessel [...]

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Kickstarting sustainable shipping

“Sail-powered shipping is coming back,” says Dan Tracy, looking confidently into the camera as he pitches his latest Kickstarter campaign. The mission: construct full-size, sail-driven catamaran cargo ships, built right here in Seattle, in the next five years, to transform the shipping industry. The goal: raise $1,000 to build a 60-inch radio-controlled foam prototype for [...]

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Seafaring rebel with a cause

Many share a thirst for adventure on the high seas, but few can turn that desire into a vocation. Matt Rutherford is one of them. He has found a way to share his love of the seafaring life with a mission to aid our planet’s threatened oceans, our neighboring Pacific being one of them. I [...]

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Mystery oil spill in Seattle’s Salmon Bay

The U.S. Coast Guard and Washington State Department of Ecology are simultaneously working to clean up and investigate the source of an oil spill detected in Seattle’s Salmon Bay, along the Lake Washington Ship Canal, on Monday. Very little information about the spill has been released so far, but a strong petroleum odor and sheen [...]

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