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Hale's Revenge in Honolulu before the departure. Photos courtesy of Kevin Jones

Part I: Hale’s Revenge delivery skipper recounts wave ‘like nothing I’d ever seen’

Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series. The second installment will run tomorrow, March 27. Experienced sailors sucked in their breath and shook their heads when Three Sheets Northwest first reported the loss of the 32-foot Islander Hale’s Revenge 800 miles out in the Pacific last October. Her three-man crew was rescued […]

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An Islander 32 sailboat

Rescuers reach disabled 32-foot sailboat 800 miles off Oregon coast

Originally published Oct. 27, 2014 A 32-foot sailboat en route from Hawaii to Everett became disabled approximately 800 miles off the California/Oregon coast last night and activated an EPIRB, summoning assistance from the Coast Guard and the Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) system. This morning, the 965-foot container ship Hyundai Grace reached the sailing vessel […]

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Opening Day 2015 is on the horizon!

Known as a boater’s rite of passage from the gloomier days of winter into the busier spring and summer boating season, Opening Day in the Pacific Northwest is just around the corner. The theme chosen for this year’s parade, which takes place on May 2,  is “Myths and Monsters.” So join the fun and decorate […]

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How to get free NOAA weather forecasts sent directly to your computer

The weather “is a matter about which a great deal is said, but very little done.” It’s a brilliant quote that’s usually attributed to Mark Twain but was actually said by his friend, Charles Dudley Warner. Regardless of where it came from, it’s true: There’s very little we can do about the weather, except prepare […]

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The Puget Sound Boat Show starts today!

Starting today and running through Sunday, March 15, the 29th annual Puget Sound Boat Show at the Tacoma Dome in downtown Tacoma has something for every boater on the Sound. With a full slate of seminars, boats for sale and exhibitors ranging from marinas to boat retailers, you can find a new boat for the family, […]

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youth sailing open house

19 organizations participating in this year’s Youth Sailing Open House on March 28

If you’re trying to decide what’s the best way to get your children learning and having fun on the water this summer, look no further than the Youth Sailing Open House on March 28th at Mt. Baker Sailing and Rowing Center at Stan Sayres Park. The event is completely free to families and will provide a full rundown on all the youth sailing […]

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