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Shellback papers for “Pappy” Beachum (1906-1980)Captain Walter Clarence Beachumgrew up on Whidbey Is. where he learned his trade from Captain Bartlett Lovejoy,of the Black Ball LIne.Pappy was master of ferry IROQUOIS on theSeattle-Victoria route before becoming Chief Pilot for the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for 23 years––retiring 1968.From the archives of the S. P. H. S.© “The sailor’s commendatory [...]

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Shopping – Island style

Although Saturna is a small island it has a general store. The basics are all there, but choice is naturally limited and prices are higher than elsewhere. So, like most islanders, we regularly go off-island for bulk shopping. Most people go by car ferry, which is expensive and inconvenient – it means a 5.45am start [...]

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FAQ: Solar panels on bimini

We have had fairly regular questions from readers on how we mounted the solar panels on our bimini. Unfortunately, when we mounted them I did not take a good picture of the installation (for shame!). Recently we removed our bimini and dodger to redo the stitching with a UV proof PTF thread (we chose Tenara [...]

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