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    Charging away from the dock

    One of the biggest challenges with my old DC power system was apparent when away from the dock. Grace has a Yanmar engine with a factory alternator, which on a good day output 30 amps into the battery bank. Not only was this not enough for the new ...

Chartlet from Salish Sea Pilot’s Cruising Guide to the San Juan Islands. Not to be used for navigation.

Destinations: The invisible harbor

Here’s our latest installment from friend and guest columnist Jim Burgoyne of SalishSeaPilot.com…  Once a vigorous commercial fishing center, Mackaye Harbor is today a sleepy community at the south end of Lopez Island with holiday homes and small farms. The wide harbor has lots of room for secure anchorage, with convenient depths and good holding in mud. In […]

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Mosquito Fleet Monday: S.S. State of Washington 1889-1919

“The term ‘Mosquito Fleet’ may, to readers not familiar with the Puget Sound Country, suggest only very small craft. It was however, a phrase universally employed by the people and publications of that section to differentiate the Sound steamers from ocean and coastwise fleet. Some of the inland ships were as large as the deep-sea […]

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How do you spell relief?

If you’re old enough to remember that little slogan, welcome, fellow middle-aged-TV-watcher-of-yore.  The updated spelling is a little bit longer than the slogan would imply. The new, 2016 year of Galapagos-boat-work way to spell ‘relief’  is ALOFT MARINE.  Boaters know that it is really hard to find anyone who is qualified, knowledgeable, and willing to […]

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