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    Ho Ho hoist the sail: Christmas comes early for Galapagos

    Christmas is coming. For most people, December 25 is a good enough day to celebrate gift giving in whatever form. At our house, Christmas has come early. That’s right, Mike and I already have opened our Christmas present to each other because Santa surprised us ...


Listing of the week

Each week we’ll select a listing from our “Boats For Sale” site to feature on the front page. This week’s vessel is the 1978 Hunter 33. Re-powered with a Universal Kubota 5424 diesel that has low hours and runs great. The sails are in good condition: Full batten mainsail with lazy jacks, stack pack zipper cover, 140% furling genoa, […]

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My three kinds of cruising

In my, albeit limited, experience, boating/cruising in the PNW has seemed so far to come in three distinct varieties. The first, the kind the beginner most often sees and the vast majority of our experience so far, is the short cruise. Hop on your boat (or charter), tour the Gulf Islands or visit Desolation Sound […]

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For black Friday, we’re going sailing

The holiday season is always a bit tough for me. Not because of all the food, or visits with in-laws (I actually like them!), or the dreary weather. It’s consumerism gone rampant that really gets to me. As a budding minimalist, the consumer spending habits most people are addicted to really irk the heck out […]

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Chatham Strait: Heading south for the summer

As it turned out, we wouldn’t be able to find our way out of the rain. Not for very long, anyway. We left Inian Cove in the morning, taking full advantage of the current (which can run over 3 knots) in North Passage and made our way back to Icy Strait and an anchorage on the northern end of Chichagof Island calledSpasski Bay. The […]

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Chilly days in the San Juan Islands

We left Portland on Thursday afternoon RIGHT at the perfect time to put us in near Seattle at rush hour. Smart! We arrived at the marina in Anacortes right around 7 p.m. and spent the rest of the night putting stuff away, organizing, and making dinner (steak frites with sauteed spinach). In the morning we […]

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Listing of the week

Each week we’ll select a listing from our “Boats For Sale” site to feature on the front page. This week’s vessel is the 2005 Glacier Bay 3490 Ocean Runner. This 3490 Ocean Runner is a rare flybridge model. In like new condition with a full refit in 2012. All new electronics, appliances, engines and more. This catamaran is designed for comfortable extended cruises and […]

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Sea Reads: In the Heart of the Sea

I wish I could tell you that the upcoming movie about a whale that destroys a ship was going to be great. And maybe it will be, as long as you haven’t read the book. Like most movies based on a book, the printed version will always be superior. Why? Because when you read a […]

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My new cold weather insulated sailing gloves

This spring I bought new pair of Gill Three Season Gloves having gotten so tired of cold fingers. The gloves are made of 1.5mm neoprene insulation  with a high tech non-slip fabric on the palms and fingers.  The entire hand is  insulated with the neoprene and the cuffs are a bit longer to go under the […]

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