• Boat Name Yea or Nay: Sit Down Shut Up

    Earlier this month, we introduced a new feature on Three Sheets Northwest that we’re calling Boat Name Yea or Nay. Knowing how much boaters love to opine on boat names — especially those on other owners’ vessels — we thought we’d provide a way for them to ...

Rogue sailors

“It’s better to swim in the sea below Than to swing in the air and feed the crow, Says jolly Ned Teach of Bristol.” ~ Benjamin Franklin It wasn’t that long ago that a motley crew of sailors plied the 7 sea’s on small well found simple boats, today we call them Rogue sailors. [...] […]

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Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 8

Day 13, Thursday 9/11/14 After a good nights sleep, I checked in with my parents over the radio. We decided to leave my boat in Telegraph Harbor while we zipped over to Ladysmith for supplies in their boat. Ladysmith has made efforts to net their share of boater and tourist dollars by building a great […]

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Lazy Jacks

I took the new mainsail on a sea trial across to Port Madison. We were hoping to tie up to the tribal dock in Suquamish but we did not have enough room to be on the protected side of the dock. Winds and waves were building and what should have been a pizza and beer moment […]

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My morning grind

Rain is falling in buckets, wind lashes at the boat, we hear the gusts coming before they hit, then WHAM! Sookie lays over, spills the wind, and settles in. We laugh and snuggle in deeper to our warm cocoon. I tell ghost stories to spook Emily ensuring that she will snuggle in tight all night, […]

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Racers mourn loss of Olympia sailor

Jay Berglund, his friends say, was the type of sailor you could always rely on. Berglund was always willing to help with a boat delivery, was always there to drive the boat during the long stretches. He was the guy who would stay behind to clean and put the boat away, working long after his […]

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All I want for Christmas rant

The holidays are just around the corner, bringing their yearly stress. It’s time to start thinking about what you want for Christmas. You know it’s time because Halloween is not yet over, yet the stores are already gearing up. I … Continue reading →

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Underway at last

Under way at last. We had a fast (and always tiring) trip up the coast, and we’re in Neah Bay now. We saw a whale off Long Beach, and had pretty good weather. We also got another close-up view of Tatoosh Island as we went through Hole in the Wall. There are a lot of […]

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