Tide pool on Benson Island

Best of the Broken Group: Benson Island

Compared to the Gulf Islands in the Salish Sea, these islands look like they just emerged from the depths last week. There is nothing gentle or time-worn about these lands. There are precious few landing beaches, but plenty of big hull crunching rocks. True, the water is practically sedate there it’s so protected. So, in […]

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Sons of a son of a sailor

This post was written on August 26, 2015. I love to sail. My Dad loves to sail. And my sons seem like they love to sail. Porter says he does, and even though he’s two, his zeal for all things sailing allows me take his word for it. And Magnus is happy while we’re sailing — he […]

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Friday night's sunset in Coal Harbour, Vancouver before Saturday's windstorm. Red at night sailor's delight, eh?

Windstorm sends early warning to boaters, as Coast Guard responds to more than 30 cases

Tucked into downtown Vancouver’s Coal Harbour for Saturday’s windstorm, we could not only hear it howling through sailboats’ rigs, but through the trees at nearby Stanley Park. Every so often, I poked my head out from down below to survey the jibs of nearby boats; hoping no complacent sailor had left a sail such that it could […]

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