• Most of Puget Sound reopened for crabbing

    If you didn’t get your fill of crabbing over the summer, you’re in luck: most areas of Puget Sound reopened for crab fishing today. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved the openings after summer catch assessments showed that more crab are available for ...

Destination: Kynoch Inlet, Fiordland

The Central Coast of British Columbia,from Cape Caution to McInnis Island, is home to thousands of miles of coastline that has seen little change since the glaciers retreated 15,000 years ago. Visiting is like sailing back in time. And nowhere is that more evident than Fiordland Recreational Area. Kynoch Inlet, in particular. Like its counterpart, […]

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Enter Fall

During the summer friends and family usually get their chance to go for a sunset sail in the calm weather aboard Satori. There are six lifejackets on board and there has been up to seven people crowding the deck. This is when the water is almost flat and the winds are somewhere between five and […]

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Keeping Her Happily Aboard

I’ve spent the last hour Googling how to write fart sounds. thbbbb, pffhhhtttt, zchtttt, Pthddddd. None of them can recreate the hilarity of my night with Emily. Smack dab in the middle of cooking dinner I looked over and saw Emily doing the potty dance. [...] more Post and any images courtesy of Art of […]

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Pop quiz on the Continuous Marine Broadcast!

If you spend much time cruising north of the Canadian border, then you no doubt also spend a lot of time listening to that ubiquitous service offered by the Canadian Coast Guard and Environment Canada, the Continuous Marine Broadcast. The United States, at least in the Puget Sound region, has no corresponding service with quite […]

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Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 4

Day 5, Wednesday, 9/3/14 Has it really been five days? My typical alarm clock schedule has faded and I feel like we’re all getting into a travelling routine. However, I’m trying my darndest to be present in each moment. Yesterday it rained cats and dogs, and at night the wind blew fiercely at 17 mph […]

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September 26, 2014 – Eureka California

We had a VERY easy transit to from Crescent City to Eureka, about 9 hours of motoring.  In fact, they were best conditions so far on the pacific ocean.  5 knots of wind, if that, and virtually no swell.  I think it would have been good waterski water!   Since the Washington/Oregon border we have […]

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Liquid Motivation: Tongan Beer

One of the joys of traveling for us is sampling the local beers. We have tried two very tasty beers (made by the same local brewery) with big thanks from two sources.First, we want to thank Joe and Carla for buying us a fat sack of frosty Outrigger beers. If you look closely you can […]

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