Doing your penalty turns

Here’s a gentle reminder ahead of this weekend’s Classic Mariners’ Regatta on Port Townsend Bay… Port Townsend Sailing Association races are run on the honor system. We don’t have a protest room or a protest committee nor do we protest other boats durning a race. However, boats are expected to abide by the Racing Rules […]

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Solitude found in Desolation Sound

Porter and I landed the kayak on a rocky beach, climbed out and pulled it up away from the incoming tide. As I tossed his life jacket onto the seat, he raced off into the woods and with a holler of, “Let’s run dad!” I did too. Up a short hill we went, over rocks, through mud, pushing […]

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Checking in with customs

Taking a walk out to Turn Point Light on Stuart Island is one of the many ways I’ve been keeping busy this week.When the week started, we were in the U.S. and now we’re not. We’re in an entirely differently country. For most cruisers, that would mark the end an epic journey. For us, it […]

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How to coil a hose

You’d think this would be common knowledge, but as we all know, it’s definitely not… Previously I talked about how to coil a line, using a figure-8 pattern in order to avoid imparting twist…  twist that would cause problems when the line is taken off the coil. Well, that same problem also exists with stiffer […]

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Making the Cut: The Yesler Mill on Union Bay

On New Year’s Day, 1890, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published an article touting the benefits of purchasing property at Ravenna Park, north of the city limits. To bolster the argument, the article pointed to the settlement of Yesler as a neighboring thriving community: “Yesler Mill, a settlement of some sixty houses, with ice factory, church and stores — […]

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