Free range cruising kids

At the moment, we’re with four other kid boats including thirteen kids between our little fleet. All five of us are sharing an anchorage in the Maldives, bound for South Africa by the end of the year. They’re on Totem, Utopia, Ceilydh, Morning Glory and Evita. The kids range from 9 to 16, and about half […]

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Dodger drama and other pre-departure fun

In a scant four weeks I expect to pass through the Ballard Locks heading to Sitka.  I’ve carefully organized my task list so as to maximize the drama of these last few weeks.  Spring varnishing is underway,  and it looks like the weather for that will cooperate.  Why settle for the unvarnished truth when you […]

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jay haavik image 2

What made Viking ships so special? Guys like these.

If you are as fascinated with Viking-era ships as we, you’ll want to hustle down to the Center for Wooden Boats on Friday to meet two of the world’s masters in the art of these traditional and storied vessels. Jay Smith, professional lapstrake boat builder, and Jay Haavik, Viking age master carver, will discuss how […]

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The start of the season sets cruisers in motion

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton may have written his Third Law of Motion to explain the nature of physics, but the principle is equally true philosophically.  In the physical world, the relationship is immediate but in the philosophical world, the “action” and “reaction” can take place days, weeks, months or […]

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All rodes lead to where I stand

I traveled to Victoria a few weeks ago to buy a stash of used charts for the Inside Passage, and the fellow who sold them to me recounted the story of the worst night of his life. Anchored in a cove out of the 50 knot winds in one or another strait, he found himself […]

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