• Sample Vessel Documentation Certificate

    Coast Guard to implement vessel documentation renewal fees

    A hat tip to reader Charles Pekow for sending this our way via Facebook. Recreational vessel owners who have been enjoying the previously free service of having their boats federally documented are about to get a bill with their renewal notice: beginning November 10, 2014, ...

Not today…

Isn’t that the meaning of mañana?My work week was a day longer than it has been most of the summer.  A late trip last night.  I was tired.  I was sleeping soundly when a charley-horse in my calf woke me in the middle of the night… it hurt like hell.  Joan thinks I am dehydrated; […]

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Easy Living in the San Juan Islands

Well we’ve made it six months on the boat.  I’m sure our congratulatory plaque is just being finished up.  I do have to say though; the living is easy these days.  Summer on a boat in the San Juan Islands is pretty beautiful and relaxed.  Life is simple which is allowing for way more time […]

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Kwatsi Bay to Shawl Bay, Broughton Islands, B.C.

Distance traveled: 17.9 miles Travel time: 2 hrs, 11 mins Before leaving Kwatsi Bay, Cathryn commented to Max (owner of the Kwatsi Bay marina along with Anca) how much she enjoyed the bread he’d made the night before. Guess what ended up leaving Kwatsi Bay with us? Yum. It was drizzling as we pulled out, […]

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We’re taking on water!

The day dawned glorious and bright, with the densely wooded hillside of Cypress Island for a backdrop, and good friends rafted to either side of Solace. But as so often happens this time of year, Rosario Strait, a mere quarter mile away, was completely socked in with fog. My friends and I had met up […]

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Kwatsi Bay

Anca had several suggestions for interesting things to do in the area on our layover day. First we dropped the dinghy and went off on a 20-mile journey to explore Bond Sound, adjacent to Kwatsi Bay. It’s another “bowl” with deep water and high cliffs or hillsides all around. Below, looking back at Kwatsi Bay […]

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That sound in the middle of the night…

No, it wasn’t a charley-horse acting up again.  Wasn’t snoring.It was the pitter-patter of raindrops.  I kinda like that sound when I am snug in my own boat and don’t have to head out on one of the whale watch boats.  It is our day off again today.  About 5:30, I heard Joan stir… we […]

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Matia Island: pristine, with an intriguing past

  Matia Island is imbued with a sense of adventure, seemingly floating on the waters of Georgia Strait east of the U.S.-Canada boundary and northeast of Orcas Island. Its sculpted sandstone cliffs above sand and gravel beaches lure first-time visitors and continue to fascinate returning boaters year after year. And those cliffs are but a […]

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A Flicka In Every Harbor

I’ve spent my life coming and going, it never gets any easier saying goodbye. Emily came to me for sailing lessons but it soon became apparent that what she really needed was a life coach. In a few short days I will be nudging her out of the nest and turning her loose on the […]

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