Sons of a son of a sailor

This post was written on August 26, 2015. I love to sail. My Dad loves to sail. And my sons seem like they love to sail. Porter says he does, and even though he’s two, his zeal for all things sailing allows me take his word for it. And Magnus is happy while we’re sailing — he […]

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A jet boat ride up the Stikine River

On Thursday we took a jet boat ride out of Wrangell and up the Stikine River with Zack from Breakaway Adventures. Breakaway Adventures does trips to LaConte Glacier, Anan Bear Observatory, the Stikine River, and Telegraph Creek, B.C. in their super fast, super fun jet boats. We inquired about the Anan Bear Observatory trip, but the season […]

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Read the signs and pay

This is a story about cognitive retention for cruisers, and possibly, a bit of a warning. We’ll begin with a scenario. You’ve been on the water for, say, six hours, and you’ve arrived at your destination, a small port town with an anchorage area and a town wharf. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon.  The anchorage […]

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