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    Using polarized sunglasses as a Viking Sunstone

    Leif Karlsen, in his book Secrets of the Viking Navigators, gives a good argument that the Vikings used crystals of Iceland spar to find the direction of the sun when just below the horizon or when obscured by fogbanks on the horizon, common at latitude ...


Lexan vs. Plexiglass

If you are replacing fixed ports on your boat, you will be faced (or should be faced) with the choice between Lexan (a trade name for polycarbonate) and Plexiglass (a trade name for polymethylmethacrylate, aka acrylic).  Here are some features of each which might help you decide which to use: Plexiglass is transparent to UV […]

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From the Galley: Barbecued Oysters

One of our favorite parts of cruising around Vancouver Island this summer has been the ability to harvest shell fish along the way. We are especially fond of oysters, and though they aren’t everywhere, when we’ve happened upon them, the crew of Yahtzee has been quick to snap up these fresh delicacies to enjoy as […]

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Ambient LED cabin lights

Adding more ambient light in the main salon and stateroom has been a priority since replacing the halogen lights with CREE LEDs a few months ago. Having had extensive experience at home and work with LED strip lighting, I knew that I could find an elegant solution that would not break the bank. I started the […]

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Destination | Bute Inlet

With some cruising destinations, it’s all about what lies at the end of the road – a sandy beach, a waterfall, a special hike. With others, it’s what takes place along the way. Bute Inlet, one of British Columbia’s longest and deepest fjords, falls into the latter category where mile after mile of high, steep […]

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Photo courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard. A sheen can be seen near the 48-foot fishing vessel Gladstone that struck a rock near Jones Island.

Boat-related fuel spills hit Lake Union and Jones Island

Two damaged vessels dumped diesel fuel into Lake Union and the waters off Jones Island in separate incidents, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. In one incident, a 48-foot fishing vessel stuck a rock near Jones Island in the San Juans yesterday afternoon and started losing diesel. The vessel, Gladstone, had 900 gallons aboard, and […]

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Drilling holes for the new bolts

Hole in the boat: Port light rebedding

“I’m so happy to have found a leak on my boat!” she says with a big smile. The expressions on others’ faces are astounded, confused or horrified. “OK, how about, I finally LOCATED a leak on my boat!” The response is definitely more congratulatory, occasionally tinged with a little sadness or jealousy. Rubigale’s starboard side […]

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