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    Going aground and tales of whales

    They say there are two types of sailors: Those who’ve run aground, and those who will (although some refer to the second simply as “liars”). And I suppose being high and dry twice in 15 years isn’t bad percentage-wise, but it’s still incredibly embarrassing to ...

The 2016 Seattle Boat Show at South Lake Union

Post show numbers point to a successful year for attendees and vendors alike at the Seattle Boat Show

While taking my final walk through the Seattle Boat Show on the docks at South Lake Union and through CenturyLink Field Event Center last week, I chatted with show-goers and vendors about how they enjoyed this year’s show and how it seemed to go for them from a sales perspective. The response was overwhelmingly positive from both. Many vendors […]

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Service your winches!

Your winches are unsung heroes, performing their grunt work thanklessly. But, imagine what would happen if a pawl were to give way under a heavily loaded genoa in 25 knots of wind. The winch handle would spin around with enough force to break bones. We’ve all been on boats where the winch action sounds horrendous, […]

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Voyaging has its challenges

My first week of remote work was a bit of an adventure. The weekend before, I moved the boat to Cornett Bay inside Deception Pass. The bay is extremely well protected and lots of dock space is available in the State Marine Park there. Much to my chagrin, this bay was also ‘protected’ from cell phone […]

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