• foulies

    How you can give your old foulies a second chance to do good

    Holidays are a time for giving — and giving back. That’s why we thought this idea from Seattle’s Sail Northwest was worth sharing with our readers. If you have a chance to donate an old pair of foulies, please do. It will only take a ...


Happy Thanksgiving — afloat and ashore

Deborah and I would like to take a quick moment to say how thankful we are for all the wonderful readers of Three Sheets Northwest. It is a little unbelieveable to us, but we are nearing the sixth anniversary of publishing our little experiment in online boating news, community and resources for the Pacific Northwest. […]

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When it all Goes Right! Sailing Bliss

The boat was quiet as we finished our morning coffee.  Rebecca finally broke the silence. “Dylan I’m sad.  I don’t want this to end.” “I know Rebecca,” I replied.  “But it has been a really good week.  We will come back soon.  Before you know it, this will be our life.  Now we both know […]

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Fury Cove (8)

Fury Cove: The good, the bad and the ugly

We made our first trip to Fury Cove last season after spending a month or so cruising the Central Coast while we waited for northwesterly winds to set in along the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  We arrived late in the afternoon and had an early departure planned for the following morning, which gave us just enough […]

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