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    Sailing to Southeast Alaska|10 things to know before you go

    Now that our cruising season in Southeast Alaska is behind us, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the time we spent in her waters. To do that, I’ve written a total of three blogs: The first one lays out several ...


Rebedding on a C&C Landfall 38

With day after day of rain lately, thoughts turn towards preventing that water from ruining wood coring. Almost all boats have it, and most boats have at least a couple leaks. If I had known all the locations of coring on the C&C Landfall 38 (LF38) upon purchase I would’ve resealed penetrations in those areas […]

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Winter projects for better cruising

It’s been a typical Northwest winter, thankfully. The precipitation in December was perfect for laying a deep snowpack on the mountains. The torrential rains have exposed even the smallest leaks on Satori. The window to be outside on the weekdays are limited to early mornings and lunch breaks. Some days I run the Dickinson stove […]

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Airship goes south to Seattle

This heron was hanging out on our dinghy on Saturday morning. I very quietly lifted the top hatch on the door to the cockpit and snapped a couple of photos before it took off: We headed up to Anacortes from Portland on Friday afternoon and got to the boat by about 9:30pm. On Saturday we did […]

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All plain sail

Hanging on for dear life I straddle Sookie’s bowsprit like a bull rider, bucking and pitching it can get pretty exciting out there. Her bow net keeps me in check as a frothy green sea attempts to swallow me whole washing  me from my little perch. I swear I’m going  to add roller furling to […]

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Sanding the foreboom.

Young hands, old boat: High school students get hands-on experience aboard Adventuress

For an hour-and-a-half each Tuesday and Thursday, Port Townsend High School students in Kelley Watson’s Maritime Manufacturing class get a rare opportunity: the chance to stand up, stretch their limbs and take part in hands-on learning in their high school woodshop and aboard the 103-year-old schooner Adventuress. Since the beginning of the school year, they’ve […]

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