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    Lessons learned during a winter shakedown cruise

    Last week we finally made good on our promise to do some winter cruising. We’ve been threatening to do it for years now. But for one reason or another, it never happened until last Sunday. Usually that reason is we ‘explode’ during the winter months ...

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Seaplane capsizes in Lake Union

An otherwise uneventful landing of a small seaplane ended poorly after the craft started listing dramatically to one side shortly after landing this past Saturday in Lake Union. The MV KAYLA was tied up in front of MOHAI picking up passengers for a planned weekend in Poulsbo when the radio calls for a sinking seaplane were heard […]

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A better solar shower from Duckworks

I have mixed feelings about the conventional gravity-fed floppy-bag solar shower products, and have never used one on my boat. But when Bob at Boat Bits posted about this product — the Duckworks Pump-Up Solar Shower — I was intrigued. I envision using this on my boat, or on wilderness road trips. True, it doesn’t […]

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As the seasons change, so too does the destination

Sitting in the cockpit a million stars stare back at me.  The forest is alive with a symphony of frogs silenced by the occasional shrieking we still haven’t been able to identify.  The trees are budding, the eagles have returned and spring is rapidly creeping in. The increase of traffic on the docks tells us […]

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HOWB 162 – Interview | Dave Sharp internationally trained wooden boat builder and restorer

Today’s podcast is with Dave Sharp of Sharp Marine Restoration & Joinery in Vancouver, BC. Dave grew up in Ontario and began to pursue an education in mechanical engineering. He soon realized it was not his cup of tea and traveled to England to attend IBTC (The International Boatbuilding & Training College) to learn traditional boatbuilding. […]

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