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Go with the boat you have

Every sailor in the Pacific Northwest thinks about the Inside Passage.  It isn’t circumnavigation, it isn’t even blue-water sailing, and you’re never really out of sight of land.  Oh… and there is not really even that much sailing to be done!  The local joke is that there are two kinds of boats on the IP… […]

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The friendly folks of Port Alberni

Our next stop was Port Alberni Yacht Club. Jason had read that the people were friendly and we could all use a shower so it seemed like a good choice. We tied up at the dock and hopped off Marinero to check things out. Happy hour was already in full swing so we grabbed chips, […]

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Reid Inlet (00)

Adding Reid Inlet to the ‘most memorable’ category

It’s difficult to imagine how many anchorages we’ve stayed in over the course of the last 15 years: Hundreds, definitely. Thousands, probably not. Some of them – like the deserted islands of Tonga, Waewaetorea in New Zealand or Chief Matthews Bay in British Columbia’s most beautiful fjord – stand out. While others are distant memories, nothing more […]

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Boaters are required to have flares onboard, but there's no consistent program available to dispose of expired ones.

Fickle flare disposal in King County

We take them. We don’t take them. Maybe they collect them there? Nope, they have to go here. Safe and convenient flare disposal is a fickle policy that challenges boaters through the Northwest. Disposal options flit in and out of the picture as collection programs come and go. Often the containers required to store flares […]

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88 days up and back on the the Inside Passage

The Summer just passed witnessed my most ambitious cruising experience: Seattle to the northern reaches of the Inside Passage (and back!). I had hoped to blog my trip, day by day, but that didn’t work, for a variety of reasons,  though I was able to post pictures on Facebook. The trip was an epic journey, […]

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Cap’n…there be WHALES here!

OK… I freely admit I stole the line for the title of this post from “Star Trek, The Voyage Home.” But I thought it was appropriate for the content of this post. It was my Sister’s first day of her six day visit aboard Dulcinea, and she was excited, because we were heading across the […]

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