• Not your usual patrol boat

    Gordon Myers is active in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary — very active. An “auxiliarist” for the last 11 years, the 79-year-old cruises his Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol boat at least three times each week on Seattle’s Lake Union. But this one is not like most ...

Crabbing our way thru the San Juans

Pulling the crab trap Retirement is great!  We have little or no schedule, and can stay or go as we please.  I don’t think we have ever spent as many days anchored in the same spot as we have this year.  After all, why not?  In the past, we have always felt the urge to […]

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HOWB 136 – Interview | Brant Lodge – Native American Program, Field Trip Coordinator

Today’s podcast is an interview with Brant Lodge of the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle,WA. Brant is the field trip coordinator specializing in Native American maritime culture and heritage. Brant is also learning to become a master canoe carver, and has been involved in numerous open water canoe expeditions in the Northwest. Click on […]

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Crabbing with Family

After years of cheerleading and encouragement directed at my parents to get a four-season boat so that they could join me on adventures, they finally got one. No-one in my family but me has any sailing experience, despite three generations of avid boating, so it was no surprise when they purchased a Bayliner 288. The […]

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Short Haul

This 27′ Lurs was experiencing mechanical problems off Samish Island. In that they had watched me hip tow the 58′, 60k# Krogen the day before, they said they weren’t too worried about the I boat. I let them know each job no matter the size presents risk.

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On the hip

This 48′ Krogen had a raw water hose failure in Guemes Channel. While she is 60,000 lbs, “Retriever” our 22′ Hughes Craft (2,200 lbs) was still able to her to the dock.

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What lies beneath

(Thanks to Guest Dock blogger Captain Mike Brough, who brought this story to our attention) Shipwrecks are not typically the sort of thing that mariners like to dwell on. But if you happen to be one of those morbid souls who has a fixation on what mortal works have been sunk, there’s some good news […]

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