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    Boating the beautiful lakes of Idaho

    Most people, even those living in the Northwest, are unaware of the many great lakes Idaho has available to the public. Lake Pend Oreille, in the panhandle of Idaho, is the 38th largest lake in the U.S. and ranks among the five deepest lakes in ...


Summarizing 3 months of cruising

As inevitably happens on a 3 month trip, some equipment breaks or starts acting up – it’s Murphy’s Law of the sea. But while cruising we quickly learned to focus on only the things that actually matter. You get good at prioritizing really quickly. We had to conserve our energy because most of it went towards […]

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One of the mooring facilities for larger craft.

Portland’s play island at its best

On a hot Saturday afternoon in August, the cluster of islands collectively known as Government Island resemble a Pacific Northwest version of Coney Island. Heat rises from acres of sand. Waves lap on the shore. Sizable dunes beckon young climbers. Women in bikinis lie on blankets, guys man barbeques and kids splash in the river. […]

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Discovering Cabbage & Tumbo Islands

The original route that I’d plotted down to Cabbage & Tumbo Islands took us on the outside of Gabriola Island, Galiano Island, Mayne Island, etc…to Cabbage & Tumbo which are on the outside of Saturna Island. We did this because we wanted to avoid going through Dodd Narrows with over 6 knots against us (and because […]

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Summer Cruising: Pendrell Sound (Video)

I am thrilled to have been able to enjoy several weeks cruising this summer in Desolation Sound, the Discovery Islands, and the Canadian Gulf Islands.  I’ve decided rather than bore you with my daily cruising log, I’ll share some of the highlights and use video to help tell the story. If you’ve read my blog in […]

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Mosquito Fleet Monday: The Steamer Vashon (ex-City of Aberdeen)

“The sternwheeler CITY OF ABERDEEN was built in 1911 on Grays Harbor, the same year she was sent to Puget Sound to operate on the Seattle-Olympia route for S. Wiley Navigation Co. She was commanded by a colorful character known as ‘Hell-Roarin’Jack.’ The VASHON was noted for impromptu races, during which, anything flammable in the […]

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5 Favorites: Marina Showers

This is the second in an ongoing series called “5 Favorites” in which we’ll explore a range of topics such as memorable anchorages, breweries, fun things to do, ports, beautiful places, pubs, days of sailing, meals to make aboard and much more. The aim is not to make a list of “bests,” but rather to provide an entertaining and insightful look […]

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Power system design

This is the first in a series of posts on my power system upgrade which will cover design, install and specific implementation challenges. Grace came with a very basic power system which had some major problems. Having completely redone the power system on Jammy, and wanting to have all the comforts of home, it was important to […]

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