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    Guests of the eagles on Patos Island

    A light mist turned into a steady downpour while making a pit stop at Roche Harbor for water and a few extra provisions on Friday afternoon. The wind was blowing a steady 15 or more from the southeast, but you couldn’t tell from the protection ...


Why whale poo is good for the oceans

Left out of many discussions about whales and other animals is the effect they have on the health of the ecosystem and how we are all dependent on each other. Wolves in Yellowstone give healthier forests. Streams that have hatchery fish released are healthier when dead salmon are put on stream banks in the fall. […]

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What it means to `Set the date?’

Everyone told us when we first hatched this plan that it was important to set a date for departure. People who have ‘been there, done that’, said if we didn’t set a date it would probably not happen. That was about 3 years ago, and until now we haven’t set a date, although we’ve had […]

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What’s so hard about finding a marina in the Caribbean? NW cruisers tell you why it is so different than here

Starting in December 2015 we docked our boat at Sun Bay Marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, after determining that it is probably the best marina in Puerto Rico and also one of the best in all the Caribbean.   But we had to do our research and find a place right for us and Languedoc before […]

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