• The Amphitrite Point lighthouse, in trees, looking out over Barkley Sound

    The yucky way to Ukee

    We’ve never had great luck with the stretch of coast between Tofino and Ucluelet, short as it is, and this trip was no exception: the weather forecast was suspicious, calling for high winds off-shore but almost nothing in-shore, and not until later in the day. ...

Destination: Weewanie (Not So) Hot Springs

I like lists. I like making them. I like thinking about them. But more than anything else, I like completing them. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the list or how long it is, just that it gets done. So, after our first visit to Bishop Bay Hot Springs last year, I hit the cruising […]

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It’s her boat too

Sitting in the morning sun the smell of potatoes and onions wafts out into the cockpit. Today is a special day, we have farm fresh eggs and veggies to add into the mix. Chloe is already napping in her shady spot on the dock, another prefect day in paradise. [...] more Post and any images […]

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Rarely have I ever seen a boat as finely designed or built as the Nor’sea 27. Each and every hull pulled from a sparkling clean mold and hand built to the most exacting standards, they are a pure example of how to built an impossibly perfect ship. [...] more Post and any images courtesy of […]

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Two projects at anchor

We have found that many projects can be completed at anchor, rather than tied to the dock.  As long as you have the necessary tools, fasteners, paint, varnish, etc. aboard, there is no reason at all to not do the work in a more congenial atmosphere than the marina.   So, while we were at anchor […]

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Sailing the Gulf Islands, Part 3

Day 3, Monday, 9/1/14 God it feels good to write this date: 9. 1. 14… Nine. One. Fourteen…. How many months have I prepared for this trip? How many hours of labor did I spend with the thought of this date as my carrot before the proverbial horse? I was working for more than this […]

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Fall Nightcap Series – Race 1

Nine boats came out to join the committee boat on a beautiful warm, sunny but windless day.  After we chased wind shadows for a while the usual Northwesterly began to form but refused to extend halfway into the bay.   It was noticed that a boat  past the Pt. Hudson buoy was sailing particularly well so […]

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The List

Sometimes I feel like a marionette being controlled by the universe and all the little attached strings that propel me from here to there. We all have strings, some may call it baggage but those tiny dock lines of life that keep us secured and safe at the dock are also the chains that bind. […]

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The venerable Dana 24

In the late 90’s I came as close as you can possibly come to owning the best Dana 24 ever built. The difference between buyer and seller was painfully close but I couldn’t muster the difference and I refuse to finance anything in life no matter how small. [...] more Post and any images courtesy […]

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