• Captain Mike Oswalt at the helm of Freya

    An emergency overheard on the VHF strikes a chord, and serves as a reminder to all boaters

    We had left Nanaimo aboard Freya early that August morning. The forecast was for light wind from the south, providing a following sea for Freya steaming northwest for Baynes Sound. It was there I hoped to find a night’s anchorage at Henry Bay and take a swim in the warm ...


Naming our own cove in Bedwell Sound

If you sail up the fjords of Clayoquot you will be surrounded by incredible beauty. Mountains rise on either side; mists hang, shrouding tops of trees.  In the summer, the sky is blue and the weather can be fine. If you get the chance, it’s well worth the trip to travel up those fingers of […]

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Self-steering on board

Autopilot? Windvane? Both, or hard-core hand-steering? Problems with our autopilot have caused some headaches on Totem. So why don’t we have a windvane for self-steering, instead of relying only on an autopilot? There are a lot of reasons to add a windvane. They don’t need any power, whereas running the autopilot 24×7 on longer passages […]

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Heading north … just do it

We are now heading north toward the archipelago and surrounding cruising area know as the Broughtons. Generally this area is considered to encompass everything northwest of Campbell River and Desolation Sound and southeast of the northern tip of Vancouver Island, even though the Broughtons proper is just the collection of small islands northeast across the […]

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