Why we don’t sail . . . much

The Pacific Northwest has a strong sailing culture and nowhere is that more apparent than in Puget Sound where boats fill the waterway on fine days, flying colorful spinnakers or leisurely tacking across the Sound.  And yet, if you follow our blog (or any other sailboat cruising the Inside Passage), you’ll soon learn that we […]

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Winter Crusing: Destination Vancouver

This year we decided to try something new for our winter break – cruise to Vancouver, spend a few days downtown and then bus to Whistler for skiing. Planning started in early November when we began thinking about how we would spend winter break. Mixing cruising with winter sports seemed like a fun thing to […]

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A sample of treated fuel.

How to polish your fuel

We were motoring up Fitz Hugh Sound along the Central Coast of British Columbia last June, making our way to Ocean Falls, when the engine started hunting, fluctuating 150 RPM from where it was set. It’s always a concern when there’s something going on with the motor, but the symptoms were consistent with a dirty […]

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Wireless Headsets – a vital accessory for larger boats

“Ok, Straight back. Ten feet, five feet, stop. Stop! STOP!” Have you ever been in a conversation like that with your spouse, on your boat? If your boat is reasonably sized then it has probably been pretty easy to talk to someone spotting your position or helping you with instructions from the lock master. Now consider having to depend […]

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polar star

The evolution of ice breakers

Gizmodo has a great post by Attila Nagy on the evolution of Polar Ice Breakers, HERE. Here’s an excerpt: Modern icebreakers are the most marvelous of civilian ships. They are huge, they are strong, they are powerful, and their history is amazing. Without them, there would be no safe waterways for other ships in the icy waters around […]

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Boating event | Learn how to fight the silent killer

What: Washington Sea Grant and the Port of Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal co-sponsor a hands-on Marine Corrosion Protection Workshop on April 25, 2015. Topics covered will include: Galvanic corrosion of aluminum, steel, and bronze Crevice corrosion of stainless steel Poultice corrosion of aluminum Corrosion–potential testing Potential monitoring systems for aluminum and bronze Advantages and disadvantages of […]

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Money saving tips for the boat library

Getting a boat ready for the cruising season can be an expensive proposition and, if you’re like us, saving dollars wherever you can has become an important part of the process. One of the many ways we help cut our costs is by downloading free PDF versions of books.  Not only does it save us […]

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