• Pinned down

    You don’t have to be far from home to get pinned down by weather. A mere five miles of formerly placid, pond-like bay can become an insurmountable wall of foaming, vicious white water in the wrong wind, leaving you cooped up and frustrated nearly within ...

He Sails She Sails

For the religious folk out there I will say this, God works in mysterious ways.  For everybody else I will …Continue reading → [...] more Post and any images courtesy of Art of Hookie.Read the full post on Art of Hookie.

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Port McNeill and sunshine

It’s been a little while since our last post – not very many places with internet, and those have shared bandwidth amongst a lot of boaters, and are on satellite, so this would have taken quite some time, and been very frustrating. We’ll try to fill in quickly here: We had a great time north […]

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A sailboat under sail

In the middle

Eventually, of course, you will have to leave Nanaimo. Unless you are very, very fortunate (or simply are better planners than we) you will leave it for Blubber Bay. Blubber Bay, as you might expect, was a big whaling center in the 1880s. Today, it’s a limestone mining center. Limestone seems to be big, bigger […]

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Home is the Best Nest

Has it really been two weeks since I posted anything here? If it’s been that long, it must be because we were sailing! Looking back it feels as though we crammed a full month’s worth of adventure into what was … Continue reading →

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Wire woes…

Much of my time down here is spent digging around in somebody’s boat, trying to figure out why something has quit working. Now, don’t get me work, sometimes things just break, or wear out, but by far and away the biggest number of repairs I make have to do with faulty wiring. Corrosion, vibration, poorly […]

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Top 10 anchorages: the best of the west

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used for navigation. The conditions along the West Coast of Vancouver Island ARE considered to be offshore and require a sound, ocean-going vessel. One of the most exciting decisions you can make on a boat is where to go, and with the 2014 cruising season fast-approaching, it’s time […]

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And its only fitting that I would take her under my wing, share a hundred years of sailing experiences handed from ancient mariner to student and the traditional ways of the sea. My sailing muse was named Captain Leah, she was a crusty old salt 20 years my senior. She taught me to love and […]

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Inland navigation rules changing

A hat tip to Bitter End blogger Captain Richard Rodriguez for bringing this story to our attention. Effective August 1, 2014, the Coast Guard will be changing the Inland Navigation Rules, the “Rules of the Road” governing the conduct of vessels in order to prevent them from colliding with one another. As generations of US […]

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