Cap’n…there be WHALES here!

OK… I freely admit I stole the line for the title of this post from “Star Trek, The Voyage Home.” But I thought it was appropriate for the content of this post. It was my Sister’s first day of her six day visit aboard Dulcinea, and she was excited, because we were heading across the […]

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Changing throttle and shift cables

Among all the projects aboard Oceanus, changing the shift and throttle cables was not even on my radar. I’ve been reading sailing magazines since I was a kid and I can’t remember a single article about changing them. Like most things on a boat, you only replace them if it’s a problem, right? But Henry, […]

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Row camping in the Gulf Islands 4: there and back again

The current running through the anchorage never let up that night off Tumbo Island. Strangely, it never even changed directions. Under the tent, any ambient light was blocked. So when the phosphorescent bacteria lit up their star-like white lights, they were clearly visible through the translucent hull. As the current rushed by, the stream was […]

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