A peaceful weekend at English Camp

A pig. America and Great Britain nearly went to war over a pig. They didn’t of course, otherwise we’d surely have read about it in some history class or we’d be drinking a lot more tea right now. On Friday, as we dropped the hook in Garrison Bay off English Camp on San Juan Island, we could […]

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An Islander 32 sailboat

Rescuers reach disabled 32-foot sailboat 800 miles off Oregon coast

Originally published Oct. 27, 2014 A 32-foot sailboat en route from Hawaii to Everett became disabled approximately 800 miles off the California/Oregon coast last night and activated an EPIRB, summoning assistance from the Coast Guard and the Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) system. This morning, the 965-foot container ship Hyundai Grace reached the sailing vessel […]

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Opening Day 2015 is on the horizon!

Known as a boater’s rite of passage from the gloomier days of winter into the busier spring and summer boating season, Opening Day in the Pacific Northwest is just around the corner. The theme chosen for this year’s parade, which takes place on May 2,  is “Myths and Monsters.” So join the fun and decorate […]

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Adventures in installing new Lifelines

It was blowing up to thirty-five knots this morning. I had great intentions to head up to Port Townsend but it’s cold, rainy, stormy and windy as hell. Yesterday I was finally able to assemble the parts needed to build new lifelines using Amsteel dyneema line. I did some research on how others have accomplished […]

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Completing a proper renaming ceremony

“Man, this is a lot of work for a little fun.” Natalie remarked as we drifted in the middle of Lake Union in almost no wind. I thought yep, that’s a pretty good description of sailing! Sometimes it’s a lot of work and only a little fun. But it was a good reminder that it’s […]

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dad's weekend

On a dad’s cruise, everyone wins

Here’s the short story first: two dads and their sons went sailing for a weekend and nobody got seriously injured, missed their mom too much, cried for very long or fell in the water. Also, despite the fact that the boys constantly claimed they were hungry, everyone was well fed. Here’s the longer version: I watched […]

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A creative solution to a cockpit chartplotter install

There are many mounting options for chart plotters, some of which have fancy swiveling armatures which allow the device to be swung out of the way when not in use. My diminutive cockpit is not well suited to such solutions, and in any case they are expensive options. Two possibilities seem suitable. One is to […]

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