• Artist's conception of the new Victoria International marina from shore

    New Victoria marina construction to begin next month

    The Victoria Times Colonist reports that Victoria’s new Victoria International Marina, a $22-million megayacht haven, is going to begin construction again next month, after fits and starts due to legal and fisheries delays over the past several years. We first reported on the new marina ...


Looking back, we have kinda done things by decades: there was a decade (or two) of motorcycle touring, a decade of flying, several decades of RVing and boating.Over the past winter, we decided we were ready for a change.  Wild Blue has been a constant in our lives since we picked her up at the […]

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Happy sails

Sailing is fun. You wouldn’t think you’d have to say that, but browsing boat magazines and websites, one could get the idea that boats are about being tough, doing grueling maintenance, or traveling to exotic locales. No folks, they’re definitely … Continue reading →

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British Columbia North: Prince Rupert to Cape Caution

August 5-15, 2014 Channels upon channels, upon straits, upon passages, upon more channels…It is easy to imagine the early explorers getting lost in British Columbia’s (BC’s)  labyrinthine waterways. I frequently lose track of where we are and have to run to consult the chart. We checked into Canadian Customs in Prince Rupert, which as far […]

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No More Johnstone Strait Weather Forecasts!

Distance traveled:  30.6 miles Travel time:  4 hrs, 21 mins As usual, we began our day with coffee and listening to Environment Canada on the VHF radio. We’re starting to think Environment Canada broadcasts the SAME forecast every single day: wind 15 knots in the morning (or sometimes a “high wind warning” instead), and rising […]

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That’s a nice boat…

Our friend Don (from Knotty-C) came by late this afternoon.  Joan was taking a nap, so he and I found some shade and visited for a while.  Wasn’t long before our friend Sam joined us… then invited us to tour his Nordic Tug 37.  He took us back to where it is docked in his […]

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Her Mysterious Ways

The boat is a demanding mistress. We’ve been taking a break from working hard on her, preferring to spend weekends sailing. Still, that list of boat chores isn’t getting shorter so we’ve started knocking a few small things out. Doing … Continue reading →

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Sointula: Plans change, and back to Port Neville

Distance traveled: 46.0 miles Travel time: 5 hrs, 41 mins Our plan for today was to go 7 miles from Sointula to Alert Bay. So we slept in, drank coffee and loitered. At 9:30am after listening to Environment Canada on the weather channel, we discussed that the weather on unpredictable, sometimes ferocious Johnstone Strait seemed […]

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