• Much-needed coach boats available for rent

    Two years ago, The Sailing Foundation began offering youth racing clinics aimed at helping promising young Northwest sailors build the skills needed to compete in regattas at the regional or national level. The two-day clinics, open to sailors aged 12 to 18, fit with the ...

Octopus Islands to Von Donop Inlet

Distance traveled:  22.7 miles Travel time: 3 hrs, 20 mins The first part of today’s trip, in the upper left corner, involved re-tracing our steps through the narrow mouth of Hole in the Wall, ending in the bottom right corner at Von Donop Inlet. This brought us into our first southbound stop in Desolation Sound. […]

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… it is easy.  This was one of those times.I had fueled the boat late yesterday, so all I had to do today was the normal prep.  The day started off even foggier than yesterday, but it burned off around 11:00.  I turned on the radio when I started my prep: the whales were at […]

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11-year-old dies in Florida boat fire

(Thanks to Guest Dock blogger Stephanie Gardiner for passing this story along) In another grim reminder to be alert to all the various boating hazards and to stay safe afloat this holiday weekend, WPTV in Stuart, Florida is reporting that an autistic 11-year-old boy was killed in a fire at anchor aboard his family’s 45-foot […]

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Eight pulled from water off Bainbridge Island

Seven adults, one child, and a dog were pulled from Eagle Harbor off Bainbridge Island on Sunday by a nearby vessel and a Coast Guard response boat after their 12-foot skiff capsized on Sunday. The incident occurred slightly before 8 p.m. The Coast Guard received a Mayday call from the good Samaritan boat reporting coming […]

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Destination: Gardner Canal

This is our sixth season sailing the waters of British Columbia and while we’ve barely made a dent in the more than 13,900 nautical miles of coastline, we have spent time cruising the best of the best; from the Inside Passage to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. And Gardner Canal is, without a doubt, […]

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The words cancer were the last thing I ever expected to hear, my heart sank as the emergency room vet checked over Chloe with great concern. She has really been having a tough time. It’s hard to imagine that this is the same dog that chased a squirrel 10′ straight up a tree, saved me […]

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Morning sensations…

We got to sleep in this morning.  Joan doesn’t have to go in until 9:00; I don’t have to go prep a boat until noonish.  When I looked out this morning, the fog was thick.  The only sound was the distant blast of the ferry’s fog signal.  No other boats moving around, yet.Joan made coffee […]

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Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

I had never heard of Port Townsend on that fateful day that I drove into the Boat Haven Boat Yard. The very first boat I saw was John Guzzwells Endangered Species, I was so excited I literally jumped out of a moving car and ran over to touch it. [...] more Post and any images […]

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