• Destination: Butedale (Princess Royal Island)

    Butedale, situated along Fraser Reach on Princess Royal Island, was once the site of a successful salmon cannery where hundreds of people lived and worked from 1911 to some time in the 1950s.  It’s now a ghost town.  Like so many other canneries along the ...

Batting .500…

No, I’m not a baseball player.It has been an amazing season of whale watching this summer.  Today, I had two trips… on the first one, we did not see whales.  That hasn’t happened much this summer.  The guests were understanding: the resident Orcas were too far north or west to get to.  There were no […]

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Here Flipper

Q13 posted this fun video, sent in by a view, of a dolphin leaping and playing near Point Defiance this weekend.  It appears to be a White-sided dolphin, according to Q13. It is one of three species we get see from time to time on Puget Sound — and the rarest. More common are the […]

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Port Townsend, and time to start south

We have been leisurely cruising the San Juan Islands, and enjoying sunny weather. Aside from visiting some of our favorite spots from the past – including Spencer Spit and Sucia Island – we explored some new spots. Skull Island in Massacre Bay was a small but very cool island to walk around, and even try a […]

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Freebie Friday: Michael Schulze’s Sextant

It’s Freebie Friday again and this time around we have a link to a free step-by-step guide to using a sextant for navigation. The browser-based software is presented in chapters with graphics and examples to walk you through the process and ends with a test to see if you understand the information before moving on. […]

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PO Recursiveness

In the past I have repeatedly referenced the Previous Owner with some disdain.  In fact I have attributed most of the problems we have dealt with aboard Eolian to the Previous Owner.  However, astute readers of my previous post will have noticed something: I whined about the use of silicone rubber as caulking under the […]

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Come FLY with Totem!

This week we hit our six year cruisaversary. On August 21, 2008, friends sailed us out of the entrance to Eagle Harbor, Washington, and on our way to adventures afloat. We did not anticipate that we’d be out this long, not knowing at what ages the children might pine for “normal” land lives, how the life […]

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