• Interview: Sailing around the world in just under 3 1/2 Years

    I recently had the pleasure to meet this guy named Tim. Tim is a PhD from MIT and he’s been sailing around the world for almost three years. His boat’s name is Slick and they have had quite the adventure together. Check out the interview ...

Destination: Spiller Channel

When it comes to destinations, Spiller Channel hasn’t exactly been calling our name: The surrounding hills are low and have been heavily logged, a practice that continues today, so the scenery isn’t what we’d consider “enticing”. But in “Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia,” Douglass has this to say about the waterfall located at […]

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Rolling with the taco

A wave crashed into the boat sending a rumbling shudder as spray flew across the deck. The swell wasn’t large but it was powerful from the long fetch and the wind was building. I looked out the window of the ferry at a beautiful little Dana 24 and was envious. [...] more Post and any […]

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Back in the PNW

We’ve been back in the lower 48, in Seattle to be exact, for nearly a month. The weather has been reminiscent of being in San Diego. We lived in the PNW long enough to know that this is not normal and are enjoying every minute of the sunshine. I took the photo above on a […]

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True or False: Take the boat winterizing quiz

BoatUS sent out this true/false quiz talking about popular misconceptions that go along with winterizing your boat. Are you getting it right when you pack up for the winter? You’re putting the boat away for winter. So what half-truth, wive’s tale or tall story have you heard about winterizing a recreational boat? Boat Owners Association […]

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October 16, 2014 – Monterey CA

Incredible Monterey!  Wow, what an awesome week, and it seems I say this with every new location.  We stay in these port towns for 5-10 days and get to experience so much but still we miss some of the items on our to do lists.  Monterey is a place you should not miss.  With bicycles […]

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Port Proposes Significant Moorage Increases for 2015

Thanks to Bertram and the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union for making this information public on their website. Port Administration Moorage Rate increase Proposal for 2015 The following is the rate proposal presented to the Commissioners by the Administration (see chart). They want to raise our base rate from $40.00 a month to $58.25 per […]

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